Wanted Coffee Review

Wanted Coffee Review: March 2017

With around 55 million cups of coffee drunk daily within the UK according to the British Coffee association, clearly demand is high, but quality coffee means small batches which everyone will want to get their hands on.  Never mind a gold rush, more like a coffee rush. So, move on over coffee cowboy there is a new coffee sheriff in town. ‘Wanted Coffee’ are ready for a show down and are set to revolutionise the UK coffee market. I managed to escape from the saloon bar on horseback with my loot of Wanted Coffee to review, but keep this low key as I am now wanted for coffee crimes and reward posters are all over town.

Created in Northern Ireland, this coffee is serious stuff which is the result of a Lisburn based group of coffee experts spending years searching and sourcing coffee beans from around the world to find the crème de la crème. Roasted right here in the UK this single origin, small batch, high end coffee can be delivered to your door every month, for a small fee, who wouldn’t want to give this a shot?!

Included within the pack was a smart silver measuring spoon, engraved with the wanted logo, that also doubles up as a bag grip clip.  The Wanted Brew Book that includes top tips for achieving the perfect cup of coffee. A fact card about each coffee variety and of course the coffee too. My line up included sampling the amazing Guatemalan medium roast coffee which has been farmed on an active volcanic complex and has flavour notes of sweet chocolate, hazelnut and zingy lime. Also, the exquisite Ethiopian dark roast coffee, grown near to the first coffee bean, this exceptional variety is fruity and sweet with flavours of lemon, raspberry, cherry and caramel.  Both exceptionally high quality grounded coffee beans that made for my best cup of coffee yet!

Thank you to Wanted Coffee, my lovely followers and all the fab bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx



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Hippeas Review

Hippeas Review: March 2017

Calling all you modern hippies, now is your chance to unite – power to the peas people – Peace. Mind, body and soul these little peas are seriously good for you, organic, high in fibre, a source of protein, gluten free, vegan and no additives or preservatives. Environmentally friendly, these peas do their share, as they naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow, Man that is cool stuff! The Hippeas brand also show community spirit and spread the love with the ‘Peas, love and giving back’ scheme that supports the charity – Farm Africa, who work with farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them become self-sufficient, allowing them to grow their way out of poverty.

A delicious delivery of Hippeas crashed landed at my camp, I was tempted to scoff the lot, so I invited my cool friends around to share the love, one little chickpea pack at a time. There are so many radical and Far out Hippeas flavours to try. Peace now to the ‘Pepper power’, these crunchy pepper and sea salt snacks will really hit the spot. Hang up life’s stresses and get down with the hip ‘In herbs we trust’, a groovy mix of rosemary, oregano and thyme. Flip out and get funky with the Fajita’ flava, a mix of crazy chilli, paprika and cumin. Get your groove on with the cosmic cheese and love, cool stuff. Finally, the smashing sweet & smokin are a mix of onion, paprika spice and smoked sea salt – Summer of love in a bag. Jump into the camper van and let’s make our way to San Francisco’s Golden Gate park, put on our tie dye thread wears, flowers in our hair and let’s love our snacks…crunch the only we know how the ‘Hippeas’ way. Share the love, ‘peace, love and peas’.

Thanks to the groovy gang at Hippeas, my fab followers and all the brilliant bloggers 😊

Melanie xx


Pic’s Peanut Butter Review

Pic’s Peanut Butter Review: March 2017

Nelson in New Zealand is the birth place of the perfect Pic’s Peanut Butter. Pic began his peanut butter production in his garage selling these jars of deliciousness at his local farmers market every Friday afternoon. Sales booming, Pic needed to expand his operation, so relocated into larger premises. Then in 2007 Pic discovered Greg Bain’s the premium nut broker, 25 kilo bags of blanched Australian peanuts later and a lot of hard work, has seen the Pic’s brand continue to see massive global growth ever since.

Pic’s Aussie nuts are a hioleic variety meaning they don’t seem to oxidise and have an enhanced nutritional value too. With only two ingredients in their peanut butter – peanuts and a small amount of sea salt, this is pure stuff. They even offer no salt versions too! Pic’s gained their NON GMO verified status, so splash their fancy badge proudly on their perfect peanut goodies, an enormous thumbs up for that one!

Summer soon to set in…hopefully! I thought it was time to bring out the wicker basket and create my very own mini Pics Peanut Picnic. My Pic’s kitchen creations were, Mel’s marvellous nutty nibbles. The peanut sponge slices, were made using a few secret ingredients and some of the scrummy smooth Pic’s. Finished off with lashings of the yummy crunchy Pic’s and topped off with a strawb – Pic’s Peanut Perfection!

Don’t go nuts, get yourself a jar or two, why not create your own nutty recipes or indulge simply and spread some of the good stuff on a crunchy base and get munching.

Thanks to Pic’s, my fab followers and all the lovely bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx


Bloggers & Followers Lets Celebrate My Blogs Birthday – 1 Year Today

Excited that my Blog is 1 year old!! Happy Birthday 🙂 On this very same date one year ago, I set out on my blogging journey and published my first post.

Throughout the year, I have been luck to collaborate with some fantastic brands, gained some fab followers and have made friends within the brilliant blogging community.

Thank you to all of you for your support.  Happy Birthday to my blog, grab a slice of cake and lets rise a glass and say cheers to another year of Blogging for us all 🙂

Melanie xx

Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review

Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review: March 2017

Family run Fenlands spirits venture all over the country showing of their wares at country shows, music festivals, food and drinks festivals and much more! They create and produce a range of innovative and exciting flavoured alcoholic drinks. All lovingly made by hand at their home in the heart of the Fen with each bottle being waxed and stamped with their ‘F’ seal of approval.

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