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The exclusive Cheshire based Quinteassential tea brand kindly tweeted my review article stating that it was a “Beautiful Review”.

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Icelandic Skyr Review

Icelandic Skyr Review: September 2016

intropiccyIcelandic Skyr, not just your regular yogurt! Produced from authentic Icelandic Skyr cultures, skimmed milk, fermented with a previous curd and separated from the whey has a rich history spanning back over 1100 years.  Synonymous with Iceland’s national identity, good health and family tradition Icelanders have continued the historic tradition and still develop this rich in calcium, fat-free protein-packed dairy superfood.  Ms Iceland dairies -Mjólkursamsalan have stayed true to their Icelandic roots by using traditional production methods with just a little help from modern technologies.

Ethically produced Mjólkursamsalan uses 100% carbon-free electricity, advocates for the humane treatment of animals and member farms are compliant with progressive Iceland standards for domestic livestock welfare. In addition, they are a cooperative company that works collaboratively with over 700 of Iceland’s family-run dairy farms and other milk producers across the country. Also, providing sustainable employment to over 450 employees in non-farm roles.


No need to grab my trekking pole, put on my crampon accessorised hiking boots, equip myself with snow pegs, a shovel or an ice axe, as an expedition to the Icelandic mountains is not required to discover Iceland’s best kept secret, as Skyr pronounced ‘skeer’ have already done all the hard work. Ready to tackle my ‘Skyr-scraper’ of yummilicious yogurt, delivering on both taste and texture, I really did reach new heights. Fresh, smooth, scrumptious, thick, creamy lip-smacking deliciousness. Three options included Strawberry, Vanilla and Blueberry my personal fav flavour! Quality packaging which included a robust spoon was ideal for city work days where I lacked time and was on the move.

Available from selected Waitrose stores and well worth the price point of £1.25 a pot.  You are not just buying a yogurt, but supporting Iceland’s cultural identity and Mjólkursamsalan (Ms Icelandic Dairies) ethical production practices. This is not your regular yogurt it is a million times better and I would be happy to climb Icelandic mountains for this perfect pot of heaven.

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MS Iceland Dairies Main Office:

+354 450 1100

Thaikhun Manchester Review

Thaikhun Manchester Visit: September 2016

tahioneThaikhun pronounced “Tycoon” is both a homage and celebration to the street food sellers in Thailand.  Owner and Chef Director Kim Kaewkraikhot started out with a small restaurant in Bangkok establishing a renowned reputation for fantastic fresh flavours which has enabled Kim to introduce the UK to the true Flavours of Thailand.  Invited to sample Kim’s new menu, boarding pass in hand, I flagged down a traditional Thai Tuk Tuk and prepared to hold on tight, as it was my time to brave the bustling Bangkok streets for the culinary ride of my life.

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Slug And lettuce Spinningfields Manchester Review

Slug and lettuce Visit: September 2016

slugnowThe restaurant and bar enjoy an enviable spot located in Spinningfields alongside the banks of the River Irwell.  Ample seating areas based at the front and rear of the building make this an ideal chill out spot for some alfresco fun with friends, family or colleagues.  Lydia our server made her introductions.  Lydia was polite, friendly and customer focused throughout.

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Quinteassential Tea Review

Quinteassential Tea Review: August 2016

Tea First DeffoAny excuse to bring out the family China and indulge in a spot of tea is gladly welcomed. Therefore, my excitement peaked when I was presented with the opportunity to work with the exclusive Cheshire based Quinteassential tea brand. The brand has grown vastly from their humble roots where trading was initially at local farmers markets and foodie festivals. The brand name coined from the adjective “quintessential” represents the brand ethos of class, quality and to ultimately provide their clients with a perfect cup of tea. Bernadine Tay founded the brand in 2010 stating that, “One of my earliest and fondest memories was my mother boiling water in a tin kettle she loved, carefully preparing the black tea with oranges, while we sat round the table for some cakes and conversation”. Created with heart and soul Bernadine has uniquely personalised each blend from inspirational life events, people she has met, conversations and foodie influences. Giving each of the tea blends individual character and charm.

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Marriot London Countyhall Afternoon Tea Review

Marriot London Countyhall Visit: August 2016


The Marriot London Countyhall extended me an invite to partake in their amazing Afternoon Tea experience in the lovely library lounge. The hotel enjoys an enviable position situated adjacent to the river Thames right in the heart of central London.  First impressions count and the Marriot Countyhall do not disappoint. Upon arrival we made our way through the grand astounding arched gateway. The bold topiary island was impressive and added some much needed greenery into London city. Greeted with warmth from the bellboy we knew this was going to be an extraordinary exquisite experience.

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