Cloud 23 Manchester Bar Review

Cloud 23 Visit: April 2016

Cloud 23 located within the Beetham tower at the Hilton Hotel Manchester Deansgate offers a unique drinking venue to indulge in classy city cocktails in the clouds.  A pre booking system operates during the allocated hours 6pm – 12am.  In addition, there is a queuing system for the walk up option.

On arrival, a red carpet adorned the floor leading to the Cloud 23 elevator entrance.  We were immediately greeted by a charming gentleman, who confirmed our reservations and swiftly directed us into the elevator.  The elevator transported us to the 23rd floor, once the doors open we certainly felt like we had got the golden ticket, but this was certainly no visit to a chocolate factory.

Already high in the sky, we were then shown into The Zeus 23, king of the Gods and Sky, VIP room.  Plush seating nestled high within the Manchester skyline with only floor to ceiling glass windows separating us from the clouds in the sky.  Opulent, elegant and sophisticated space to entertain clients, host a private event or just enjoy the innovative Cloud 23 cocktail menu with friends or colleagues.  The menu provides an extensive offering of champagnes, wines, cocktails, spirits, beers and non-alcoholic beverages.

At the opposite end of the heavenly venue await a daring feat. An oval section of the floor is constructed of clear glass offering a Birdseye view, but do you dare to do more than stare through the looking glass?  Stand on the glass for a true fun fear factor moment.  Maybe this is your time to confront a fear of heights while enjoying a cocktail or two.  The Looking glass feature is novelty value for sure, but it creates a positive buzz and excitement within the venue.  Bringing people together, as it really is a talking point, but once you discover the cocktail menu you soon realise that you will have a lot more to talk about.


Starting with the not so subtle Stratospheric cocktail, an iconic offering that really did take us to new heights.  Delivered the only way…the innovative themed Cloud 23 way.  Served upon a replica of the Beetham Tower that included etched out clouds, the cloud 23 logo and an impressive light display that spans through the colour spectrum of green, blue, yellow and pink.

Cloud 23 strat


At the towers highest height awaits a high end skilfully concocted cocktail that includes a well balanced mix of quality ingredients; Cîroc Red berry and Tanqueray 10, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Citrus Dom Perignon.  Finish touches included Floral fruity Fabulousness.



The Mr Mercer’s Cotton Peculiar cocktail, one of my personal favourites, cleverly introduces Manchester’s historical Industrialisation theme into the innovative cocktail menu.  Taking inspiration from Lancashire Chemist John Mercer (1791 – 1866) who developed a process called Mercerisation, that is still used today, where cotton is treated with caustic soda to give it a smooth silken sheen.  The cocktail combines Light Havana Club Rum blended with spiced Syrup, passion fruit and ice cream.  Finished with individual servings of ginger beer candy floss that provides genius gentle ginger flavour notes throughout and are visually synonymous with the floating clouds in the Manchester skyline.  Both a sweet delight and a subtle continuation of the cloud 23 theme.

Service was professional, prompt and personable throughout our visit.  Clearly, the management are running a slick and organised operation.  The two cocktails sampled, introduced the obvious skyline theme without vulgarity, but also respectfully and gracefully included Manchester’s proud historic industrial past.

Were we in a dream within the clouds?  Yes perhaps, but the sky is the limit at cloud 23.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


Cloud 23, Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester. M3 4LQ.

0161 870 1670

Bar Opening Times:

Sunday – Thursday 11:00am – 01.00am

Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 02.00am



20 thoughts on “Cloud 23 Manchester Bar Review

    1. They actually had their 10 year anniversary on that evening. I can’t believe it has been there 10 years. Just glad I could share this with you in time for your friends birthday. You will have a wonderful time. Do let me know how it goes 🙂 x


  1. Ok so first I love their name Cloud 23! Second that glass floor whoa, what a fabulous idea…then there are the amazingly creative cocktails!! Love the red carpet treatment, the elevator ride up and all the sophistication…what a fun place…love your write-up about it too!! 🙂

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