STOP Congratulations Followers and Foodies Thank you Again

Evatweetbeautyandthe beast

Thank you and congratulations once again to all my lovely loyal followers and readers.  Like I always say without you guys this could not have been a success.  My blog post about the Easter Panto Beauty and the Beast by Anton Bensons Productions featured at the Burnley Mechanics has appeared on twitter.  The post received a very kind Tweet from one of the star actresses Eva McKenna who stared as Beauty.  Eva stated that the review was ‘Lovely’ and this could not have come from a lovelier lady! Thank you Eva and also thank you again to all my followers for all the fantastic support.

Thank you once again.

Melanie xx


32 thoughts on “STOP Congratulations Followers and Foodies Thank you Again

  1. Oh Melanie congratulations to you, isn’t that fabulous!! I imagine it made you feel all proud and giddy as it should!! Seems this is becoming a repetitive post…isn’t that wonderful!! Wishing you many more retweets, reblogs, printed reviews and more!! xo

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  2. For newbies you guys are doing awesomely well!! If only we lived in Manchester or nearby 😦 Some of these places you review sound awesome. We do have a lot of fantastic restaurants and eateries here in Australia, and Adelaide is particularly well served in that respect. Hubby and I are cooking show tragics! The new season of MasterChef Australia has just started, and My Kitchen Rules has just finished 🙂 Great way to learn new stuff. And Heston the Great comes over every year for Master Chef. He has now been joined by Marco Pierre White (he’s scary in the kitchen!) and the sexy Nigella Lawson.

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