Propercorn Popcorn #Review

Propercorn Review: June 2016

Cassandra along with her best friend and business partner Ryan are the founders of Propercorn.  Working with the Propercorn brand was an amazing tasty opportunity for the obvious reasons.  However, more importantly being a daddy’s girl myself a synonymous and instant connection was made with Cassandra.  In her childhood years, Cassandra created and perfected popcorn delights along with her father.  There is where Propercorn was born.  Due to Propercorns success Cassandra has now outgrown her mothers kitchen and wants to share the knowledge and learn others the art of how to make Propercorn, popcorn that is done properly.  The Institute of Flavour is the platform created for this purpose.  An exciting experimental flavours education @PROPERCORN #FlavourDoneProperly #InstituteofFlavour.

Prop 2

STOP, my day just got proper awesome with the arrival of a full case of Propercorn popcorn.  My case of proper summer fun, packed full with Propercorn is one suitcase that I did not mind carrying around!  Eighteen individual bags of crunchy creative corn that included six scrumptious flavour sensations.  Lightly sea salted, Sour cream and black pepper, Fiery Worcester Sauce & sun dried tomato, sweet & salty, sweet coconut & vanilla and the newbie Smooth Peanut & Almond!  GM, Gluten, wheat and guilt free snacks.  Certain packs also suitable for vegans and veggies!

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Browns Bar and Brasserie Manchester #Review

Browns Bar and Brasserie Visit: June 2016

Browns 2

Designed in 1902 by Charles Heathcote, the former Parrs Bank building also previously known as the Athenaeum pub underwent renovations and is now the home of the Browns Bar and Brasserie in Manchester city centre.  The Building boasts traditional Elaborate Edwardian baroque architecture with exquisite art nouveau detailing.  The bar centrally positioned is the heart of Browns and a networking hot spot.  Additionally, a perfectly positioned piano awaits those who delve deeper into Browns and make the wise decision to sample their food offerings.  Luckily, as you can see from the images I managed to get a few photos in before the city crowds and tourists had hit this favourite Manchester Destination.

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