Propercorn Popcorn #Review

Propercorn Review: June 2016

Cassandra along with her best friend and business partner Ryan are the founders of Propercorn.  Working with the Propercorn brand was an amazing tasty opportunity for the obvious reasons.  However, more importantly being a daddy’s girl myself a synonymous and instant connection was made with Cassandra.  In her childhood years, Cassandra created and perfected popcorn delights along with her father.  There is where Propercorn was born.  Due to Propercorns success Cassandra has now outgrown her mothers kitchen and wants to share the knowledge and learn others the art of how to make Propercorn, popcorn that is done properly.  The Institute of Flavour is the platform created for this purpose.  An exciting experimental flavours education @PROPERCORN #FlavourDoneProperly #InstituteofFlavour.

Prop 2

STOP, my day just got proper awesome with the arrival of a full case of Propercorn popcorn.  My case of proper summer fun, packed full with Propercorn is one suitcase that I did not mind carrying around!  Eighteen individual bags of crunchy creative corn that included six scrumptious flavour sensations.  Lightly sea salted, Sour cream and black pepper, Fiery Worcester Sauce & sun dried tomato, sweet & salty, sweet coconut & vanilla and the newbie Smooth Peanut & Almond!  GM, Gluten, wheat and guilt free snacks.  Certain packs also suitable for vegans and veggies!


Thinking outside the movie box, I used the Propercorn packets to create these cool movie invites.  Not only was it an excuse for me to self-indulge in more yummy scrummy popcorn, but also recycling in a fun way feels fab! It is also an innovative way to create excitement around a movie night in with the girls or guys or a fun way of inviting that special someone around for a movie date night at your place!  Let the Propercorn set the tone perhaps try the lip smacking Sweet Coconut & Vanilla for a sweet date night or try the Flavoursome Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato for a hot date night.  You decide!  Why not mix it up and do both or have a proper night in and enjoy all six flavours.  Let’s get the Proper Popcorn Party started.  Guys and Girls let’s play, put the 3D glasses to one side get out the blindfold and bring on the taste guessing game.  Let’s see who the Propercorn flavour expert really is!

Simple Propercorn parings and culinary creations are a way to get an evening off to a tasty start.  Sweet Coconut & Vanilla propercorn drizzled with a light toffee sauce perhaps? Why not top your favourite creamy cocktail with the Smooth Peanut & Almond propercorn.  Team the lightly sea salted propercorn, Sour Cream & Black Pepper and Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato propercorn with olives, caramelised figs, pickles, sun drenched tomatoes and cheese to create a proper prefect nibbles platter and get people together.  These ideas are just a start and you too can get proper creative and head over to the Institute of Flavour website to make your own signature seasoning.  One tastemaker will win a years supply of Propercorn and have their Limited Edition Flavour made exclusively for retailers.  I have got my flavour creation in how about you!?


Dare I mention the “C” word at this time of year!  Yes “Christmas” the season to be proper jolly.  Forward thinking what better way is there to celebrate than inviting family and friends around for seasonal festivities and to indulge in some Propercorn yumminess.  Personalised Propercorn gifts and decorations are both a cool and cost effective way to spread some Christmas cheer.  Fill an empty preserve jar with yummy Smooth Peanut & Almond propercorn, accessorise with a ribbon and personalise with a tag, a simple sweet scrumptious gift.  Fill a cute Christmassy mug with Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun dried tomato popcorn.  Decorate with a cute candy Cane.  Enjoy alongside a glass of merry mulled wine.  Move over candy canes you are not the only treat on the Christmas tree this year!  A simple craft activity that can be enjoyed with the kiddies and loved ones is making edible bauble decorations.  Plastic cones filled with propercorn tied with a festive red ribbon create simple edible bauble decorations for the tree.

Thanks for reading:)

Melanie xx

@PROPERCORN #FlavourDoneProperly #InstituteofFlavour





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