Riverford Organic Farmers #Review

Riverford Organic Farmers Review: July 2016

Riverford van

Riverford “believe in good food, good farming and good business”.  “Waste not want not” is Riverfords core ethos.  Also, demonstrated by showing support for Hugh’s War on waste campaign. #Wastenot. 47,000 Riverford boxes a week get delivered to homes around the UK from their regional farms.  Unbelievable considering that Guy Watson started the Riverford box scheme in Devon delivering fresh vegetables locally to just 30 friends.

For me and my partner the usual cosy weekend at home was enhanced with additional anticipation and excitement, as the Riverford Jeep rolled up with fresh organic goodies for us to sample.  Professional personalised service was experienced from the offset.  Riverford operate with heart and soul and it is about people not just about product.  Delivery was no hassle and it was completely FREE.  Furthermore, delivery was not by Courier service, but our lovely local Lancashire fruit and veg man Charlie Bush @Riverfordlancashire.

IntroiThe packaging was impressive, sturdy and high quality.  They personalise the box, by detailing simple sensible instructions regarding product storage advice, which is always nice to see.  Food was kept fresh and intact by the use of high quality sheep’s wool padding and ice packs.  Again, both can reused or recycled.  It is as easy as 1, 2 ,3…well it is with Riverfords genius recipe storage holder. Each recipe is given a number that corresponds with the storage holder which serves two purposes, firstly the ingredients within each recipe section correspond with the relevant recipe card. Secondly, this is the recommended order of consumption due to best before dates. Both purposes save time and create ease for the customer.

Both boxes contained an abundance of fantastic fresh fabulous 100% organic produce.  The contents of both boxes were of the highest quality and far superior to any other recipe box that I have sampled.  It was like having a mini farmers market in your own home, but all with the convenience of being delivered directly to your door. Included within the Recipe box was the recipe cards along with a lovely newsletter and other useful literature with handy foodie hints and tips.

Riverford sixWe started off by getting a bit fruity and exploring the fabulous delights of the Riverford Organic fruit box.  Five fruity offerings were included, Bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, apricots and an extra freebie surprise gift were the punnet of blueberries.  Sensational fresh fragrant fruit with an equally incredible crisp taste.  The organic fruit was on another level.  The box slogan detailed “Living life on the veg…” and if the fruit is anything to go by sign me up immediately.

ChickenMoroccan Grilled Chicken with Kissir was the first recipe that we attempted.  The recipe card was both clear and easy to follow.  It makes best use of your time by multitasking where possible to keep the recipe timely, but not so much so that you work up too much steam!  The results were impressive if I do say so myself!  However, I think this was more down to the quality of the ingredients rather than my chef skills.  The chicken was sensational, succulent, and juicy and the taste was phenomenal.  Outstanding Organic produce clearly makes a difference.

BeefCooking on heat we attempted the Brilliant Beef Fajitas with Salsa & Soured Cream recipe.  This was an instant hit and is now up there at the top of our list as a firm family favourite!  All the flavours were well balanced and the seasoning was spot on! Portion size was plentiful and definitely enough for two people.


On went the chef’s hat and apron to cook up a storm with recipe 3 Spelt Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Chard, sheep’s cheese and Pine nuts.  Admittedly, I was too busy chatting away to my partner with a glass of wine in hand and lost my way slightly Oops…  I loved the simplicity of the recipe cards, as if you lose track of where you are, you can easily scan over them and get back on track fast, which also helps and improves your culinary skills.

The Riverford Organic Farmers Recipe box allows you to build a library of innovative fabulous, yet simple recipes.  The menu varies each week giving choice and flexibility to anyone’s daily meal planning.  They are a fun, interactive foodie activity that bring some excitement into the family home.  They can be enjoyed as a relaxing night in for one, a romantic couple’s night in or an interactive activity with friends and family.  Also, these are a great way to educate children about food and involve them in the process.  Riverfords Remarkable Outstanding Organic products along with their legendary professional and personal service make them my number one choice.

Thanks for reading  🙂

Melanie xx


Customer services:

01803 227220


10 thoughts on “Riverford Organic Farmers #Review

  1. This organic box of beautiful fruit and veggies is just, so well, astounding actually. I have never seen anything like this in the U.S. Ice packs and sheeps wool padding? WOW! I like the addition too of the storage information and recipes.

    I read this just a few hours after finishing my volunteer work on an organic farm ( my sons) in Chicago. I just watered for two hours and picked bags of beans. Its such a labor of love a farmers work. But tye difference in nutritional levels ( live enzymes ) and taste, is oh so worth it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree they are beautiful and the storage is amazing. Wow volunteer on a farm wow sounds awesome!! Yes, most certainly a labour of love, but the results are worth it for sure. Thanks for the fab feedback Peta really appreciate it 🙂 x


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