Quinteassential Tea #Review

Quinteassential Tea Review: August 2016

Tea First DeffoAny excuse to bring out the family China and indulge in a spot of tea is gladly welcomed. Therefore, my excitement peaked when I was presented with the opportunity to work with the exclusive Cheshire based Quinteassential tea brand. The brand has grown vastly from their humble roots where trading was initially at local farmers markets and foodie festivals. The brand name coined from the adjective “quintessential” represents the brand ethos of class, quality and to ultimately provide their clients with a perfect cup of tea. Bernadine Tay founded the brand in 2010 stating that, “One of my earliest and fondest memories was my mother boiling water in a tin kettle she loved, carefully preparing the black tea with oranges, while we sat round the table for some cakes and conversation”. Created with heart and soul Bernadine has uniquely personalised each blend from inspirational life events, people she has met, conversations and foodie influences. Giving each of the tea blends individual character and charm.

Bernadine states that, “I am passionate about flavour combinations and would love to take the tea drinker with me on an imaginary voyage”.  Perhaps ponder and plan your journey over a cup of aromatic and bold “Signature Breakfast” or the regal and refined “Imperial Earl Grey”. Embrace the inner explorer within you, pack your trusty travel tea filters and step aboard the orient express train to experience the light and citrusy “Tales of the Orient”. Perhaps visit the floral and delicate “Garden of Eden” then discover the fragrant and rejuvenating “White Elixir”. After a taste of the magic why not indulge in the exotic and refreshing “Green Flamenco”. Refresh and indulge in a light “British Caramel and Mint” after dinner tea and finally clean and invigorate the body with the “Cleanse” blend.

End resultMy personal favourite blend “The Jewel of Africa” transported me on a personal journey back to the heart of Africa. Reminiscing about when I watched the sun set across the plains of Africa, as I wrote my daily diary entry about my amazing adventures. This tea is a blend of Rooibos, citrusy red currents and has soft Sandalwood scent. Drinkers view a visionary rich red depth of colour inspired by the Serengeti where the towering red sand dunes of Sossusvlei form the gateway into the Namib Desert. The Caffeine-free tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Tea is not just simply Tea! Quinteassential’s passion and commitment to creating individual and unique flavour combinations strengthens and highlights this fact. Often underestimated, tea making and how to serve a specific blend is a complex art form. The sheer flexibility of blends allows for tea to be with or without milk, hot or cold, the specific serving options are plentiful. As for the blends this involves a complex exploration to discover the highest quality natural tea leaves, fruits, flowers and spices from across the world from Egypt to Indonesia.

Tea is about a personal journey, reminiscing in past adventures, bringing people together and providing comfort and warmth within.

Thanks for reading🙂

Melanie xx


Customer services:

01244 689302

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Email: info@qfineteas.co.uk


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