Vita Coco #Review

Vita Coco Review: September 2016

vitacocostarterThe Vita Coco brand was founded ten years ago by childhood friends Mike Kirban and Ira Liran. A chance encounter with two young Brazilian women, during a dining outing in a New York City Bar, revealed how coconut water was a real trend. Several plane tickets to Brazil and a few months later and the Vita Coco brand was born.   Now a successful global brand with celebrity followings such as Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, and Rihanna! Vita Coco respect mother nature by resourcefully using every part of the coconut and are an ethical brand that have committed to giving back to the communities that help to produce these Coconutty concoctions.

vitacocoWhy not make everyday a Vita Coco Day?!  No plane ticket required, as The Vita Coco product range has the whole day covered. Need a kick start to your morning routine, try my personal fav the Vita Coco Café. A mix up of coconut water, milk and Expresso, that will be sure to wake you up, feel wonderful and prepare you for the day ahead.

Half way through the working day take a break, hydrate, replenish and quench that thirst with Vita Coco Natural coconut water. No need to battle with a coconut to enjoy that lip-smacking freshness, as Vita Coco have cracked the case offering this delicious drink in a range of sizes 330ml, 500ml, 1l. The 330ml was great for me. A handy on the go size for when I was on the move in the city.

Eat it, Wear it, Swear by it with the Vita Coco extra virgin, 100% raw, 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil. Free of harmful chemicals introduce Vita Coco into your home and before you know it you will be using Vita Coco within your cooking and beauty regime. After a break away in the South of France my hair had took the maximum amount of blow dry’s any hair could take. It was time to set my hair free and go natural. Applying the lovely Vita Coco Coconut oil to my hair not only gave my hair some much needed moisture and love, but my hair smelt great too.

Wake up with Vita Coco Café, Hydrate and Replenish with Vita Coco Natural coconut water and pamper yourself inside and out with the amazing Vita Coco Coconut oil. Make every day a Vita Coco day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


7 thoughts on “Vita Coco #Review

  1. I just love fresh coconut water more than any drink. Did you know that it was used in Cambodia during war time, as IV to keep people alive without the necessary meds? It has so many benefits nutritionally speaking.

    I am a huge coconut oil fan too! 🙂

    Interesting to read the story begind Vita! Great success.


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