Nutri-Bombz #Review

Nutri-Bombz Review: November 2016

nutrifinalshotBig balls of Brilliance – aka the Nutri-Bombz brand was founded by the current Director. His own personal journey of exploration, identified a gap in the market, highlighting the difficulty of finding true healthy snacks that delivered in terms of quality, texture, flavour and nutritional content.   Nutri-Bombz was born, constantly evolving and inventing innovative ways of blending superfoods to provide powerful product flavours and combinations to make your snacking super lip-smacking!

The best-selling fabulous favourite’s box made it through my letterbox with finesse and contained 12 gluten free scrummy snack Bombz (4 trays of 3 Bombz) 1 tray of Salted Caramel Protein-Bombz, 1 tray of Choccy Brownie Nutri-Bombz, 1 tray of Peanut Butter Nutri-Bombz and 1 tray of Coconut Nutri-Bombz. All with no added sugars, syrups or ‘nasties’ yet I still felt that they were a little naughty indulgence, but without the guilt! Simple snacking, loved them all melt in the mouth lushness. The trays made them ideal to transport to the office, gym or around the city while on the move. Get online, click, sit back and soon that brilliant box of healthy snacks will be dropping through your letterbox or hitting your office desk.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


6 thoughts on “Nutri-Bombz #Review

  1. What a very clever idea. I love the name Big balls of Brilliance!! It satisfies in many ways, like you’re cheating with a treat and yet you’re not, you get your much craved chocolate or salt and yet it’s good for you!! It is brilliant. 🙂


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