Twisted Honeycomb Propercorn #Review

Twisted Honeycomb Propercorn Review: November 2016

Another opportunity came along to work with the Propercorn brand again…Yay! Hot off the press is the new Twisted Honeycomb Propercorn, but the lovely story behind this beautiful bag of proper lip- smacking deliciousness is, that the flavour creator was you! Yes, as part of the #InstitueofFlavour competition, Propercorn opened up their virtual kitchens to give customers a chance to let loose and get those creative kernels flowing. Ashling from Dublin was the fabulous winner and created the limited edition Twisted Honeycomb flavour. An added bonus is that the Honeycomb Propercorn is GM, Gluten, wheat free and is suitable for veggies too.

No need to get sticky or in a twist, as Ashling and the Propercorn team have done all the hard work, so I immediately got “buzzy” and delved straight into these honeylicious golden bags of corn. Loving created by combining smooth scrummy honey, Madagascan Vanilla and sea salt this Proprercorn should come with a warning, as you will be questioning if one bag is enough! Bee prepared for tantalising twisted tastiness! Don’t get stung by opting for another brand, as Propercorn creates Popcorn that is #DoneProperly.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Melanie xx



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