Medieval Times Toronto Castle #Review

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review: December 2016

intromedivalblogLovely lords and ladies no need to engage in battle, put down your sword, disarm your lance, as an inviting grand entrance awaits to take you on a journey into historic medieval times.  Granted the VIP Royalty package, we certainly felt like the king and queen of the castle, as we bypassed the lines via a royal red VIP carpet that led us directly into our very own Toronto Castle!!  In loyal service, our wench Emily welcomed our arrival and crowned us with our black and white crowns which only meant one thing.  Our cheers this evening would be for our loyal, brave and bold “Black and white Knight”.  After a brief pose with the King and queen, for our framed group entrance photo, onwards we went into an amazing hall where a knight addressed the royal subjects from an impressive coat of arms platform.  However, as VIPs we had instant access to the arena…so onwards we galloped looking forward to the adventures that awaited….


VIP first row seating, knights rally towels and cheering banners what more could you want?!  Oh yes, how could I forget the amazing souvenir a super cool VIP Lanyard.  Emily and Al our servers were ready to give us the royal treatment, the lights dimmed and royal blue lights set the scene, the fanfare began, so let the evening commence.  Lords and Lady’s prepare yourself for an evening of royal entertainment, feasting and generally fun times! The Medieval Times Toronto offers a unique experience for their royal subjects. The royal castle is the perfect setting for the daring duels, skillful swordsmanship and amazing animal performances. We had managed our expectations, as we did not expect the dinner offering to be up to much, but we completely misjudged. The brilliant bill of fare consisted of the terrifically tasty tomato soup and bread. The main was for me a winner winner chicken dinner comprising a delicious half roasted chicken, with potato and a corn cob. Desert pastry small, but scrummy. Authentic medieval dining experience with no cutlery and all served in realistic replica ancient wares made it feel real!


VIP first row seating meant we were close to the action which immersed us into the medieval theme so much so we almost felt like part of the show.  Go forth “Black and White Knight”!!  Cheers, flags waving and on the edge of my seat throughout!! Parts of the show involved audience participation, but no one was made to feel uncomfortable, as participation was flexible perfect for both the shy or the extrovert. Engaging, interactive entertainment, slightly gimmicky, but by no means tacky. Look out for the bird, you will be truly amazed, such a brilliant display of human and animal team work. Truly talented animals and individuals, but for me the best actor of the evening went to Simon Li.  Service by Emily, Al and the rest of the team was outstanding.  What a superb “Knight”! An event fit for any king, queen and also for the little princes and princesses too. After the show, the cast even take time to chat and have photos with their loyal royal guests. The VIP royalty package has a range of perks and offers excellent value for money, but they offer many different packages for a range of tastes and pockets.

Thanks for reading🙂

Melanie xx



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