Air Transat Club Class #Review

Air Transat Club Class Review: December 2016


Travelife Partner status is by no means an easy industry achievement, but after 10 years of commitment to sustainability efforts in May 2016 Transat became the first tour operator in North America to earn Travelife Partner status. An achievement that Jean-Marc Eustache, current president and CEO and all the Transat team are sure to be proud of. Therefore, when the opportunity came to collaborate with Air Transat the obvious answer was – Yes! Flying from Toronto to Manchester the Airbus A310-300 was going to be our carriage in the clouds that featured the recently redesigned cabin which consisted of 250 seats, 12 in Club Class and 238 in Economy Class. “Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away”…Air Transat will make your time in the sky part of your holiday…


Exclusive rapid counter check-in and priority boarding was included within the club package, as standard, which avoids the airport stresses and strains allowing for a smooth start. The contemporary Club Class cabin was

to be our home for the next 7+ hours so time to kick back, get Cosy and join the exclusive club. Our dedicated flight attendant knew us only too well and the personalised service really took off, a glass of the fizzy stuff anyone? Wonderful wide leather seats, offering a six-way headrest, in an exquisite exclusive club class cabin with only 12 seats, yes 12 seats! The feeling of a private flight without an enormous price tag. Extra legroom, as you can see from the photo, allowed me to sit back, stretch out and felt no different than having afternoon tea in my lounge…super! Along with the all new mood lighting system, I was soon relaxed and rested and on cloud 9. Individual 12” touch screens featured a range of more than 40 movies, 120 television series, 80 music albums and 9 radio channels, but don’t fear too cosy in those laid-back leather seats no worries, for optimum comfort Air Transat has this covered with a cute controlled remote feature. Now that is what I call entertainment!


They say the attention is in the detail, well with salt and pepper shakers, olive oil jars, glass wear, real cutlery and high end cotton napkins, there are no clouds here, as Air Transat have clearly got this covered. Pre-booked gourmet meals meant that sky service was ready to commence. The club class climate offered refined dining in the sky. A starter of Tomato salad, mains included Beef tenderloin strips with teriyaki sauce, served with jasmine rice and vegetable stir-fry. Also, roasted chicken breast with penne pasta and basil pesto sauce. Finally, cheese grapes & crackers and the yummy chocolate cake to finish. I always struggle to choose between cheese and chocolate, Air Transat went all out and provided both! Along with a superior wine selection and a fresh continental breakfast – First Class…well Club Class!

The specially selected travel amenities were quality, amazing and actually useful! Earphones in an excellent storage case, flight socks, eye mask, neck pillow, pomegranate hand and body lotion, soothing lip balm, toothbrush and tooth paste, a camel coloured fleece blanket and a fab Air Transat shopper bag to store all these complementary club goodies in.  Finally, with 15kg of hand luggage, a hold allowance of 64kg baggage allowance, over 2 bags of 32kg and a priority baggage service why not take off high in the sky with Air Transat Club – A Club anyone would want to part of!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Melanie xx

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