Bundobust Manchester #Review

Bundobust Manchester Review: February 2017

From Mumbai to Manchester the Bundobust Boys are in town and already are a sensational Bollywood Hit. Founders Mark Husak who’s specialism lies in the craft beer market and Mayur Patel with his extensive foodie knowledge using recipes passed down from his parents and grandparents, have brought a much needed element of spice into the Manchester Piccadilly area. A game of two half’s Bundobust offers a specialist selection of craft beers and simple yet innovative Indian street food…what’s not to like right?! The Bundobust Entrance walls are adorned with recycled doors luckily, we made the right choice and went straight on inside. Relaxed laid back setting, décor simple and inviting with authentic Indian film posters, a mix of cosy booth style seating and communal benches. Welcomed warmly by staff we got cosy and chilled out in the booth while we looked over the mouth-watering menu.

Oh and did I mention all the food is vegetarian?! Yes, but there is certainly no blandness, so prepare for a palatal taste explosion. Menu in hand ordering began; TARKA DHAL & RICE a lush lentil curry served on basmati rice. PANEER & MUSHROOM TIKKA pepper kebabs served with a yummy red pepper ketchup & a spinach chutney. The outstanding ONION GOBI BHAJI was served with a tasty tamarind & red pepper chutney. CHOLE BHATURA a delicious tomato chickpea dish served with super soft Indian flatbread. VADA PAV a potato ball burger direct from the streets of Mumbai. A local favourite and a fav of mine also. The Mouth melting MASSALA DOSA dish was 2 mini rice crepes filled with a potato & onion dry fry served with lentil soup & coconut chutney. The O-Mazing OKRA FRIES aka lady’s fingers coated in chickpea batter and seasoned with black salt & mango powder were scoffed within seconds. POPCORN & POPS poppadum’s along with the zingy KACHUMBER SAMBHARO salad were great additions. Resourcefulness is at the heart of the business, as the cutlery made from vegetable cellulose and all food tubs are biodegradable – brilliant!

Craft beers were in hand to wash down the insanely amazing Indian foodie feast. The Keg beer – BOMBAY DAZZLER 4.8% a Northern Monk and Bundobust collaboration, was a refreshing herbal spiced creation that deffo gets my thumbs up. Also, opting for a Manchester Cask Amber Ale – Quantum thirst – 5.8% another great choice, a drink with depth and bite. A sweet combination was the addictive BOOZEY BAILEYS CHAI and the Indian KULFI ICE cream stick infused with cardamom, start anise and ginger. A final refresher came in the form of a tropical COCONUT & MANGO MOJITO mixed up with Koko Kanu rum, mango syrup, lime juice & fresh mint. The counter service style does not in any way cause complications, as the staff are organised, energetic and enthusiastic about answering questions in relation to the beer, cocktails and foodie options. Bethany and Imogen were fabulous, have adopted the Indian friendly ethos and clearly loved the place. Mayur’s Out of this world Vegetarian food along with Mark’s carefully selected cask beers…definitely not Bundo ‘Bust’ more like Bundo ‘Boom’ – Clearly a Bollywood Blockbuster!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx

Contact Details:

Bundobust Manchester, 61 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2AQ.

0161 359 6757





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