Iain Burnett highland chocolatier #Review

Iain Burnett highland chocolatier: February 2017

Valentine’s day and love is in the air, well a love for chocolate that is, as I decided to indulge in my cute chocolatey treats sent from Award-winning artisan chocolatier Iain Burnett.

Iain has a wealth of experience and an impressive résumé, as he trained under the Master Chocolatiers of the Belgian, Swiss and French schools! Iain now supplies chocolate delights to some of the best hotels, British Airways First and several Michelin Star chefs throughout the UK. The chocolates included an impressive list of ingredients such as uniquely flavoured single-origin cocoa that comes all the way from the volcanic island of São Tomé in the South Atlantic and if that was not enough this cocoa is then masterfully mixed with an unblended fresh Scottish cream from a particular herd of cows!  Also, all products are Alcohol and preservative free.

The Decorative Tin of Strawberries and Raspberries is a perfect gift for a loved one, family or friend and the fresh flavour was exceptional. The white chocolate and berries combination was a marriage made in heaven. Sweet, sharp and simply sensational. The Chocolatier’s Selection box was cute, compact and perfectly formed. Exquisite, handcrafted chocolatey parcels of palatal pleasure that included Iain’s amazing Award Winning Velvet Truffle. Their small dedicated team of chocolatiers have clearly put heart, soul and love into meticulously creating these exquisite hand-crafted chocolate creations.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx

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