Creative Nature Organic Chia & Cacao Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix #Review

Creative Nature Organic Chocolate Brownie Mix Review: February 2017

Natural and Organic Awards Europe 2016 Finalist for best new special diet product and shortlisted in 2016 for the Best of Organic Markets Awards, this brilliant brownie bake mix stands out from the crowd. 100% natural, organic, vegan and raw ingredients such as Organic Cacao powder, Chia seeds and Dairy Free Chocolate Chips make up this heavenly mix. CEO/Owner Julianne Ponan herself has a nut allergy so worked endless evenings to create a nut free formula that is also gluten free, soya free, dairy and wheat free – what is not to like!

Apron on, bake wares at the ready, it was my time to get my brownie bake on. Exciting Stuff! 200g of slightly butter melted, 4 eggs cracked and one pack of choc chip brownie mix all got whizzed into the mixing bowl and got whisked up into a frenzy and whirled around until super smooth. I then gently spooned the mixture into my prepared brownie tin and banged them into the oven. Part way through the big brownie bake countdown, I found myself on my knees checking the oven, just like in the British Bake off πŸ™‚Β 25minutes later, someΒ simple strawberries to decorate and Boom! Looking choctastic and tasting insanely indulgent these yummy, scrummy, brill Brownies were baked super easily with this magic mix and impressively the mix made 20 brownies!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx

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