Nutri-Bitz #Review

Nutri-Bitz Review: February 2017

Another collaboration with the Nutri-Bombz brand – Boom! A box of the knock out Nutri-Bitz landed through my lucky letterbox. Nutri-Bitz are raw low fat snacks, packed with protein and are nut free – hands up in the air for a lip-smacking sweet fix without the nasties. My non-naughty Nutri-Bitz box contained a tray of brilliant Butterscotch balls, lush Choccy Orange, mouth-watering Vanilla Fudge and the tasty Toffee Apple. These balls may be small, but they are mighty and pack a powerful palatal punch.

Nutri-Bitz box in hand, I was all motivated, powered up and ready to hit the gym! Transportable packs make it easy to snack on the go or at the office desk. The Nutri-Bitz mini balls tick all the right boxes, so get online, click, sit back and soon that brilliant box of healthy snacks will be dropping through your letterbox or hitting your office desk.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



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