Chewymoon Subscription Box Review *Supporters of Great Ormond Street Hospital*

Chewymoon box review: March 2017

Covent garden London is the HQ of the Chewymoon box. Ethics, ethics, ethics is central to the brands ethos. The founders are four friends Verena, Laurence, Nick and Lijo who are all parents and understand how crucial nutrition is for children’s well-being. Chewymoon’s core focus is to change the way that children snack. Chewymoon also support Great Ormond Street Hospital, (GOSH), a cause close to my heart, by providing free snack boxes for kids and donating a portion of their profits from every box sold.


Healthy animal themed subscription snack box aimed at children from the age of 3…sounds fun!? It was time to set my inner child free and give these super snacks a whirl. Literature included within the box included; a nutritional fact sheet for the parents and for the child, a fun comic strip insert, a biology card that provided an education about the human eye and a profiler that introduced the fun animal characters and traits such as likes and dislikes all of which would both entertain and engage a child’s interest. The snacks featured Kitty Cat – Dr Fluffy. Nom, Dog aka the Brand stylist, Funny duck, loved up squirrel, and Space chimp. There was a wide variety of innovative, healthy and high quality snacks. My favourite snacks…all of them! It is the only time you will not have a fav animal, as all the snacks were yummilicious!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



71-75 Shelton street, Covent Garden, London.

0208 963 9050



10 thoughts on “Chewymoon Subscription Box Review *Supporters of Great Ormond Street Hospital*

    1. Ooo well this is right up your street then. An no…one of them was a flapjack style bar, but some are nibbles like cranberries etc 🙂 Hope that helps? Pop over to their website, as they show exactly what snacks are in each pack. 🙂 x


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