Ape Coconut Snacks #Review

Ape Coconut Snacks Review: March 2017

Go crazy for the curls, but no monkey business though! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

These brilliant bites were brought to us by Zack, who was inspired by his wonderful mum who adopts the paleo lifestyle; simply meaning to eat as much wholesome real natural foods as possible. Zack packed up his life and went off to university, but realising relatively quickly that this was not the place he was meant to be. Remembering his mum’s coconut flake bake, he had a brain boom that these fabulous flakes could be turned into a delicious healthy snack. Only 19, Zack’s parents gave him until the summer of 2014 to put a viable business plan together. Zack partnered up with the coconut dude Nigel and together have introduced us to their coconut crazy paradise.

Coconut bites and curls come in a range of flavas and sizes. From lightly salted to salted chocolate, chia seed and sesame seed it is too hard to pick a fav. Most importantly they are loaded with natural ingredients which equals happy healthy munching. Ape is about feeling human, going back to natures roots and embracing natural food sources. You don’t need to venture into the jungle for these amazing ape snacks, as Zack, Nigel and the Ape team have done all the hard work for you. Give them a whirl and as Zack would say, β€œpeace, love and coconuts”.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




Ape, A14, 56 Wood Ln, W12 7SB, London

Email:Β hello@apesnacks.com

Phone: +447768528352

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