Urban Fruit #Review

Urban Fruit Review: March 2017


Hayley started out as a personal trainer and identified peoples struggle to avoid unhealthy snacking during a busy working day. Noticing that the mid-afternoon slump, meant snack cravings were common amongst the masses, Hayley saw an opportunity to make the day a little fruitier.

Hayley spent hours in the kitchen creating her fruity dream and Urban fruit was born. No refined sugars, concentrates or sulphates these super fruity snacks are Hayley’s healthy alternative to the caloric sugar fueled snack market.

Dessert Island paradise postcard was delivered along with a stash of snacks and so my feel good fruity bowl of Joy was created! Cool Straight Up Coconut Chips spruced up with sea salt were a taste of paradise. The no mess Magnificent Mango was mouth-wateringly tasty. The perfect pineapple was perfection. Finally, my fav the smashing strawberry were sensational. These were perfect for my mascarade peanut party snacks, these fruity strawbs made scrummy decorative toppers.

Dreaming of a Daily Dessert Island Paradise, well get your fruity fix with Urban Fruit.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Urban Fruit, PO Box 73589, London, SE1P 5FP.


020 3727 9000

48 thoughts on “Urban Fruit #Review

  1. These sound amazing, something different and a healthy alternative. These would definitely go down well in my house. Have never heard of them before but going to have a look at the the website and order some to try

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  2. I have seen Urban Fruit in my local supermarket but I never thought of buying and trying them out. The coconut chips with salt sound like a perfect snack for the office. Same as the pineapple!

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  3. Such a good idea – really struggling with snacking. Might have healthy meals, but then struggle to get snacks that will satisfy. I may even avoid snacks but then come home and curbed my cravings so well that i will be then tempted by sweets or chocolate…x

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