Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review

Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review: March 2017

Family run Fenlands spirits venture all over the country showing of their wares at country shows, music festivals, food and drinks festivals and much more! They create and produce a range of innovative and exciting flavoured alcoholic drinks. All lovingly made by hand at their home in the heart of the Fen with each bottle being waxed and stamped with their ‘F’ seal of approval.

The popularity of their Toffee vodka has meant the start of their new exciting ‘Toffee Vodka Club”. For a small price, they deliver two bottles of their Toffee vodka direct to your door. The team made me part of their club and winged some of their smashing Toffee vodka my way to give it a good taste test. Arriving just in time for the weekend, I was well chuffed and ready to get sipping.  An easy drink to have straight up, but I got straight down to creating some fun, but simple cocktails.

Mel’s Twisted Toffee Coffee Cocktail is shaken up with the smashing toffee vodka, iced latte and topped off with cream and a good shake of chocolate sprinkles was lush. Mel’s Marvellous Mule mixed up the toffee vodka, with gorg ginger beer a splash of lemonade, a squeeze of lime, Ice cubes and served with a slice of lime. A lip-smacking refreshing drink ready for the summer days ahead.

Tasty toffee vodka, that can be delivered directly to your door, what is not to like!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




56 thoughts on “Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review

  1. The Toffee Vodka Club sounds like a great service for those who like the Toffee Vodka or those who enjoy trying new spirits. It seems like you really enjoyed it and had fun creating your own cocktails using it.

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