Hippeas #Review

Hippeas Review: March 2017

Calling all you modern hippies, now is your chance to unite – power to the peas people – Peace. Mind, body and soul these little peas are seriously good for you, organic, high in fibre, a source of protein, gluten free, vegan and no additives or preservatives. Environmentally friendly, these peas do their share, as they naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow, Man that is cool stuff! The Hippeas brand also show community spirit and spread the love with the ‘Peas, love and giving back’ scheme that supports the charity – Farm Africa, who work with farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them become self-sufficient, allowing them to grow their way out of poverty.

A delicious delivery of Hippeas crashed landed at my camp, I was tempted to scoff the lot, so I invited my cool friends around to share the love, one little chickpea pack at a time. There are so many radical and Far out Hippeas flavours to try. Peace now to the ‘Pepper power’, these crunchy pepper and sea salt snacks will really hit the spot. Hang up life’s stresses and get down with the hip ‘In herbs we trust’, a groovy mix of rosemary, oregano and thyme. Flip out and get funky with the Fajita’ flava, a mix of crazy chilli, paprika and cumin. Get your groove on with the cosmic cheese and love, cool stuff. Finally, the smashing sweet & smokin are a mix of onion, paprika spice and smoked sea salt – Summer of love in a bag. Jump into the camper van and let’s make our way to San Francisco’s Golden Gate park, put on our tie dye thread wears, flowers in our hair and let’s love our snacks…crunch the only we know how the ‘Hippeas’ way. Share the love, ‘peace, love and peas’.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




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