Double Dutch Drinks #Review

Double Dutch Drinks Review: March 2017

Twins, Joyce & Raissa de Haas started the aptly named Double Dutch Drinks Brand. Raised in the Netherlands, birthplace of gin, these ladies know a thing or two about superior drinks and brilliant unbeatable blending’s. Excitement and exploration lead them both on a challenging journey realising that the market for mixers and sodas was full of unimaginative options. Two minds at work and this perfect pair have created the deliciously delightful double Dutch drinks brand which offers a range of mixers that can be used in unison with a drink or can be enjoyed solo. Impressively, Richard Branson supported the brand and presented the twins with a Foodpreneur Award for their innovative Food and Beverage brand. It’s not hard to see why, as for the twins a mixer is not just a mixer, it is much much more, it’s about taking a drink to revolutionary new heights, where both drink & mixer is of equal importance, synonymously working together to create an intense palatal pleasure.

Ready for a day boating, I grabbed my hat and picnic basket packed to the rafters with lush Double Dutch Drinks.  The Cranberry tonic water is a mixture of sweet with gorgeous ginger heat and warmth. Created in collaboration with Maison Hennessy Cognac, an ideal mixer for dark spirits or serve up simply over ice, as a refreshing summer softy. Pomegranate & Basil a mix of sharp sweetness with a peppery punch creates a powerful, but balanced mixer to make cocktail awesomeness. Grab the Gin, as the Cucumber & Water Melon mixer is in town and with a delicate mix of sweet & savoury this will be one drink to remember.

Indian Tonics can be unpleasantly bitter, but Double Dutch have this one down! The pink grapefruit & juniper berry flavours in this tonic complement each other and create balance to eliminate that bitterness meaning a refreshingly super smooth finish. Finally, their slimline Indian Tonic Water offers a whopping 60% fewer calories than the regular. Great for weight watching or a few cheeky after gym drinks refreshers. All the Double Dutch Drinks ranked highly and flew off the quality scale in terms of both taste and complexity of flavours.

Why not grab yourself a drink and one for a friend too, as these Double Dutch twins have taught us good things come in twos.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


Double Dutch Drinks, 6, 28 Gledhow Gardens, London SW5 0AZ

07763 524867

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