Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka #Review

Fen Spirits Toffee Vodka Review: March 2017

Family run Fenlands spirits venture all over the country showing of their wares at country shows, music festivals, food and drinks festivals and much more! They create and produce a range of innovative and exciting flavoured alcoholic drinks. All lovingly made by hand at their home in the heart of the Fen with each bottle being waxed and stamped with their ‘F’ seal of approval.

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Urban Fruit #Review

Urban Fruit Review: March 2017


Hayley started out as a personal trainer and identified peoples struggle to avoid unhealthy snacking during a busy working day. Noticing that the mid-afternoon slump, meant snack cravings were common amongst the masses, Hayley saw an opportunity to make the day a little fruitier.

Hayley spent hours in the kitchen creating her fruity dream and Urban fruit was born. No refined sugars, concentrates or sulphates these super fruity snacks are Hayley’s healthy alternative to the caloric sugar fueled snack market.

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Boost Ball #Review

Boost Ball Review: March 2017

A box crammed with the whole Boost Ball family landed on my doorstep – Boom! ‘Less ingredients, more protein’ is the company mantra. Making their balls with just 7 natural ingredients, that contain only natural sugars and are raw pressed, which means no baking or refining. Providing a rich source and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, E, B12, Calcium, Iron and Zinc, these balls clearly mean business. I was ready for some serious ball boosting!

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Bubble Club #Review

Bubble Club Review: March 2017

Jon Hulme and John Burke, the founders of the amazing revolutionary Bubble Club, that launched in 2016, became firm friends while studying at business school in Madrid. The business gurus behind the already successful craft gin club, continue to see many successes and highlights in their business ventures such as opening offices up in Soho London and securing investment from drinks enthusiast and entrepreneur Sarah Willingham on the BBC’s Dragons Den show – impressive stuff!


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Fit Bakes #Review

Fit Bakes Review: March 2017

The lovely Manoela Rauen-Prestes, Ella, was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and she knows only too well that,

“In Rio, a city where it’s Summer all year round, we’re always looking for ways to keep up with the bikini body. Over there you see this kind of low cal, healthy, tasty product available everywhere, it’s part of everyone’s daily life… why not give Britain the same choice?”.


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Bill’s Restaurant Manchester #Review

Bill’s Restaurant Manchester Review: March 2017

Bill Collison both driven and inspired by his Dads love for fresh home grown produce, started out in a small space that his dad showed him, which was no bigger than a shed, just off the high street in Lewes in East Sussex. Since he has never looked back, but it has not all been plain sailing. Rapid success and growth meant the need to acquire new premises, but tragedy struck in 2000 with the heavy floods wiping out Bill’s shop. Starting from scratch, Bill remained positive and this time added a café. Now, Bills business is booming and the core focus is not all about ringing tills, but is driven by a love for fresh produce and a customer focused service.

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