Côte Manchester Breakfast Review

Côte Manchester Breakfast Review: April 2017

Bonjour Brilliant Manchester, French phrase book in hand I was ready to experience authentic French cuisine minus the airfare, airport faff and 400-mile journey. The place oozes French rustic charm and character.  The inviting entrance has a French feel with aged signage, topiary trees and vintage seating that gives the outdoors café culture feel.  Anyone could easily mistake themselves for being right in the heart of Paris.

Cute lovely leather lined booth seating, an ample sized chic table on a French kitchenette style tiled patio floor, lit with a mix of subdue and natural lighting created the perfect ambience.  A perfect little hub for people watching and soaking up the relaxed French friendly atmosphere.  Amazing Alex our server, clearly an experienced professional was personable, but offered a relaxed serving style where he shared his knowledge and was attentive throughout – Bien Jouer, magnifique!

Stage one of breakfast began with the glorious Granola & Natural Yoghurt with a mixed berry compote and was both visually stunning and tasted scrummy.  The brilliant Breakfast Complet comprised of a tasty butter croissant, fresh fruit salad and a French yoghurt pot.  Paired up with a Café Latte made the perfect continental combination.

Onwards to stage two, with a glass of NV brut baron de Marck fizz and a refreshing fresh orange juice – Merci beaucoup!  The fabulous French Breakfast which included two scrambled eggs, French sausage – boudin noir, French streaky bacon and a field mushroom on toasted brioche.  The delightful Vegetarian Breakfast had a vegetarian sausage, field mushroom, tomato, avocado, baby spinach and two poached eggs or scrambled on sourdough toast with a side of Hollandaise sauce.  Both Breakfasts were brilliant, ample and used high quality fresh produce.  The breakfast tea was served in the most adorable matching tea set which admittedly, I wanted to take home.

Interestingly, our French friends are not typically a breakfast country, named ‘petit-déjeuner’ meaning little breakfast it tends to consist of small grazing items such as a pastry, cereals, bread with preserves, a coffee and a juice.  Whereas, ‘déjeuner’ can mean both breakfast and lunch which is a much more of a feasting, extravagant and indulgent experience that often takes place over a few hours, seen as a time to catch up with family and friends. Hence why I decided to take breakfast served in two stages, as this encapsulated both the spirit of both breakfast and lunch, when in France, or in this case the next best thing – Côte Brasserie Manchester, do as the French do!

Voilà my French fancies if you fancy an authentic French dining exepreince in the heart of Manchester city centre you now know where to go.

Thank you for reading – au revoir for now 😊

Melanie xx


Côte Brasserie, 4-12 St Mary’s Street, Manchester M3 2LB


0161 834 0945


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