Nix and Kix #Review

Nix and Kix Review: April 2017

Julia and Kerstin, owners and Founders of the hot Nix and Kix drinks brand started out through a chance encounter during a flight, that sparked up a friendship with an entrepreneurial spark which would see them create these fruity fresh drinks with a spicy chilli cayenne kick.  Why Chillies, well while the girls did some travelling together they noticed that Chilli’s seemed to have a positive effect on people.  Research led them to find out that, “capsaicin in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. It also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling”

Setting up a lab at the back of a shop in Shoreditch led them to create three drinks, with No refined sugars, natural and low in calories, and all equally as lip-smackingly tasty.  The perfect peach & Vanilla has a lush caramelised vanilla flavour with a hint of chilli spice to give a subtle heat.  The mouth-watering Mango & Ginger has an earthy kick with a little heat to give it some edge.  Finally, the cheeky cucumber & mint is refreshingly cool with a subtle contrast of heat.  All worked well served over Ice and gave a little heat and a lot of happiness.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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