Cawston Press #Review

Cawston Press Review: April 2017

A delightful delivery arrived from the Cawston Press team, which included some of their original juices and their sparkling range. Cawston Press have a mission which is to use nothing artificial, only use natural ingredients to create their fabulously stunning tasty drinks. A delicate and detailed process goes into selecting each one of their apples, as Cawston Press are passionate about their brand and blends. All their juices are only ever made from pressed apples and not concentrated juice.

The original juices were exquisite, of excellent quality and all packed with vitamin C. The amazing Apple & Rhubarb juice is made by blending 90% pressed apple juice and 10% pressed rhubarb juice, sweet and simply refreshing. The awesome Apple & Ginger juice is made by balancing 99% pressed apple juice with 1% ginger extract, which gives the drink a comfortable, well balanced fiery kick. The outstanding Apple & Elderflower juice mixes up 99% pressed apple juice and 1% elderflower infusion. Pure, simple and tasty.

The sparkling drinks were enjoyable on their own, but I loved using them within my culinary kitchen creations. The gooseberry, made the simplest yet amazing ice cubes and ice lollies that tasted divine. The Rhubarb, made the most amazing Ice cream float soda, topped with cream and lashings of jam everyone loved this sweet treat.   The Elderflower lemonade, made with squeezed Sicilian lemons, was perfect to create my Mel’s Mojito. I also used this in my Vegetable Tempura batter recipe, which made it so lush, light and crispy.

Press on forward, choose Cawston and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


01536 419 938


20 thoughts on “Cawston Press #Review

  1. How creative to make things like ice cubes and ice lollies. I haven’t had an ice cream float in such a long time .. and now am having a craving. These I’ll be keeping an eye out for!

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