Mr Lee’s Noodles #Review

Mr Lee’s Noodles Review: May 2017

Mr Lee’s noodles recently won the coveted title, Lunch innovation awards 2016 Silver Award and with their noodles coming from the idyllic paddy fields of Vietnam is it any wonder! There is an impressive list of ambassadors and athletes that have shown their support for the brand including Ashley Bryant Team GB Decathlon, Jamie Caroline F4 racing pilot with Fortec motorsport, Chris Leare the former head of physical training for the British Army and many more.

It may surprise you to hear, that Mr Lee is the actual noodle creator and company owner and is not a character made up by the advertising gurus. Mr Damien Lee was diagnosed with cancer, so he decided to opt for chemo, but at the same time strip his diet from nasties and stick to fresh raw foods. However, Damien realised that he missed instant noodles, so Mr Lee stated;

“I vowed when I got better to revolutionise noodles and I was determined to make a more healthy noodle. So, I’ve created this wonderful noodle, free from any nasties. And get better I did! I was given the all clear and Mr. Lee’s Noodles was born”.

Ingredients are freeze dried and not dehydrated which locks in the nutrients, vitamins and flavour. The noodles are gluten free, are made of nothing artificial and come in a range of 6 mouth-watering flavours; The Amazing Hong Kong Street Beef, tasty Tai chi chicken, delicious Dragon fire mushroom, perfect Penang chicken curry laksa, sensational shaolin monk vegetable and the wonderful warrior fighting shrimp. Simple to make, just fill with boiling water, give them a good stir, rest for three minutes and they are good to go – Easy, convenient, but importantly healthy too. The chopsticks included were fab and loved the playful quote, “Man with one chopstick goes hungry”.

Mr Lee clearly cares about what people eat and you would be a noodle not to try these out.  Use code LOVENOODLES20 for 20% off.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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