EAT. Manchester Arndale #Review

EAT. Manchester Arndale Review: May 2017

With 20 years’ experience and over 100 shops based in the United Kingdom EAT. know a thing or two about fab fresh food. Seasonal changes mean that new fresh innovative menus are launched frequently. Food waste is also managed at EAT. where the brand donates as many of their leftover sandwiches and salads as possible to local charities that work with the homeless. They also work closely with the homeless charity Crisis, so this is a winner for me!

EAT. located in the Manchester Arndale is a hotspot hub, where food can be taken on the go or you can grab a seat, chill and people watch while chowing down on fresh, fine seasonal foodie delights. Staff were both friendly and pleasant. We munched on a lovely muesli pot topped with a variety of seeds, a refreshing rainbow fruit pot, a steaming hot veggie gyoza pot, a ploughman’s sandwich packed with cheese, salad and pickle, a delicious duck wrap, two packs of brilliant Burts British hand cooked potato chips all washed down with a refreshing orange juice.

EAT. makes eating easy, a simple brand with high quality products that is well worth a visit.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


Unit R1, Arndale Centre, Manchester, M4 3AQ.

0161 839 4935




26 thoughts on “EAT. Manchester Arndale #Review

  1. I love places like EAT. With healthy and fresh food, they’re being conscious of their customer’s needs. And with the left-overs, they’re able to help someone in need. I would visit their restaurant for that reason alone. Thanks for telling us about them!

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  2. I never stop at ‘eat’ but always think how nice it looks. That vegetable gyoza looks nice so i may have to go in there now haha!

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