Creative Nature Superfoods Protein Flapjacks #Review

Creative Nature Superfoods Protein Flapjacks Review: May 2017

Flapjack fans fantastic news!  Creative Nature owner and CEO Julianne Ponan and her team have all got creative and used natures finest ingredients to develop and launch three new exciting and innovative yummy flapjack bars.  The bars are packed with protein, are high is dietary fibre and contribute to maintenance of normal muscle growth. Made with 100% natural and raw ingredients, no added sugar, syrup, preservatives or sweeteners, certified vegan, gluten free, soya free, wheat free and dairy free – amazing!

Amazing Apple pie, sensational salted caramel, and cool cacao orange are the three new innovative lip-smacking flavours and all of them tasted super scrummy. Ideal for an office desk snack, a pre-gym workout boost or simply a healthy but indulgent treat. Raise the bar and give these fancy flavoursome flapjacks a try.

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Melanie xx



20 thoughts on “Creative Nature Superfoods Protein Flapjacks #Review

  1. We eat loads of bars in this house as my girls are very sporty and I need to keep their energy levels up and we’re always looking for new ones as they get bored of them. I I think they’d go for the cacao orange and I’d go for salted caramel

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