Neighbourhood Manchester New Menu #Review ***UPDATE – THIS RESTAURANT HAS NOW CLOSED***

Neighbourhood Manchester New Menu Review: May 2017

There was an exciting new menu launch down in the Spinningfields hood, so a swung on by to check it out. Approaching the inviting entrance, we were welcomed and shown to our seating by the lovely restaurant manager Hannah, who introduced us to our waitress of the evening Millie. Millie immediately offered us a drink and we decided to order a Moretti and a refreshing belvedere & pure orange juice.

The new Neighbourhood nosh really hits a whole new level. A brilliant bread basket hit our table, before even perusing the menu. A new concept which gave me an instant homely feel. Tucking into the bread with various spreadable, as we worked through the menu options. Starters ordered included the sensational roasted beetroot salad with pickled walnuts and goats curd and the chicken skewers served with gem lettuce baskets were sheer brilliance.

Millie made our evening, she was professional, personable and most importantly provided genuine attentive service throughout which allowed us to sit back and enjoy the beats of Dean Mac and his team. Our seating section was perfect, as you can see we were in the centre of the action, but with enough personal space to sit back, chill relax and watch the people enjoy and absorb and amazing atmosphere, as we chowed down on our mouth-watering mains.

The NBHD Burger packed into an innovative charcoal bun topped off with a gherkin and finished with lashings of tomato and mac sauce was a winner.   The beautiful butternut squash ravioli mixed up with pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and herbed up with sage was one of my fav dishes. Served alongside a generous gorg portion of sweet potato wedges with tahini sauce, which was all washed down with the fantastic New Zealand Sauvignon blanc wine – Cloudy bay…I did have my head in the clouds, simply heavenly.

We finished off a perfect dinner, with the lip-smackingly tasty creamy Cappuccino Brulee served with hazelnut biscotti, which paired up perfectly with a glass or two of the Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose.

Dine, drink and dance at Neighbourhood, you will love the nosh, nice drinkies and dancing to the rhythm of Mr Dean Mac will certainly keep you upbeat and only add to the electric atmosphere.

#OurNeighbourhood #YourNeighbourhood.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


Neighbourhood, The Avenue, North Spinningfields, Manchester. M3 3BZ.

0161 832 6334



31 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Manchester New Menu #Review ***UPDATE – THIS RESTAURANT HAS NOW CLOSED***

      1. I wasn’t sure where I’d reach you first so I left a message here too!! So relieved you are ok! I am well but feeling sad for those who are not! xo

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know such a terrible night for Manchester. They were lush and despite such a tradgic event Manchester still has alot to offer. Hopefully people will stand strong and keep supporting the city, as it is a great place to be 🙂 x


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