Natural Beverage Co Juice & Smoothie #Review

Natural Beverage Co Juice & Smoothie Review: May 2017

Natural Beverage Co based in brilliant Bristol are the UK’s largest producer of Fairtrade beverages, including the newly launched BE juices and the Froo-t super smoothies. Exciting stuff to see the 100% natural and ethical juice drink BE being stocked on shelfs across the UK. Straight out of #Bristol this drink is taking the market by storm and comes in a range of bright, bold beautiful flavours.

Fiery is a splash of peach, spinach, ginger; Smooth is a mix up of mango and lime; Adventurous mixes up lush raspberry, blackcurrant and beetroot; Vibrant is a concoction of orange and carrot; Refreshing is a mix of amazing apples; Original is orange and as with all the BE drinks has a splash of water added.  Boom, BEgin your day with a BE Boost!  I had my fav BE drink, ‘Adventurous’, with my breakfast yogurt and some sensational fresh raspberries.

Tea plus a smoothie, but all in one drink, sounds too good to be true, but it is not as the fabulous Froo-t drink blends both elements together to create a smashing smoothie tea which is low in sugar, low in calories and 1 of your 5 a day. Also, where possible, the ingredients are ethically sourced from Fairtrade farmers.  Fancy up your Froo-t up and enjoy alongside some fabulous flapjack bites.

BE smart and BEgin your Froo-Ty juice journey today for all round goodness.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx




32 thoughts on “Natural Beverage Co Juice & Smoothie #Review

  1. I love apples so I’d have to give Refreshing a try and my sister is obsessed with mango drinks right now so she’d love Smooth. Will have to keep an eye out for these

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