Forever Aloe Berry Nectar #Review

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Review: May 2017

It was a pleasure to collaborate with lifelong friend and innovative female entrepreneur global business coach Rebecca Nazim.  Rebecca has taken Lancashire by storm offering clients a range of Fabulous Forever products at fantastic prices.

The Forever Aloe Berry Nectar was a lovely cranberry and apple flavoured gel which helps to support the immune system, skin and gastro-intestinal health. For me this gorgeous gel works well in conjunction with a healthy balanced lifestyle to give your system that boost for the day ahead.  An added bonus was the super sachet samples of other products within the range and the fab aloe lip balm which is now one of my make up bag staples.

With the Forever range, it is not just about buying into the product, you buy into the person too. Rebecca’s business style is personable, flexible, friendly and customer focused. Taking time out to explain products and not just concerned about driving sales, Rebecca’s key focus is you and hence you get a fabulous customer journey.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


18 thoughts on “Forever Aloe Berry Nectar #Review

  1. I like drinks like this, giving the insides a really good cleanse. It’s much needed from time to time to give the body a boost. The flavour of this sounds appealing.

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