Mallow and Marsh Review

Mallow and Marsh Review: June 2017

Mouth-watering Mallow and Marsh was launched off hard work and just ยฃ250! Exciting, exploding, exquisite tasting yumminess is what this brilliant brand are about. Their creative culinary creations have been invented through many dedicated hours of experimenting with unique and interesting flavour combinations. Introducing a range of innovative, light, creamy lushness, these Marsh mellows are not just your standard munchies.

Marshmallows are naturally low in fat and gluten free. Also, Mallow and Marsh use high quality ingredients wherever they can, such as 100% natural raspberry to organic and Fairtrade vanilla extract. Also, there are none of the nasties, these mallows have no additives or preservatives.

A delicious delivery landed at my door which included a stash of lovely Mallow and Marsh gorgeous gooeyness. The grab bags, ideal for movie night munchies, included the raspberry marshmallows coated in 70% dark chocolate and the vanilla marshmallows coated in milk chocolate. Ideal for on the go or to make your own lush mallow toasting sticks, was the brill bars, that came in 3 flavours; coconut, vanilla coated in chocolate and raspberry coated in chocolate. All were lip-smacking tasty and a real scrummy treat.

Now what will you do with your Mallow and Marsh mouth-watering marshmallows? Why not get toasting, get sticky and enjoy making some gooey creations.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

Melanie xx


Mallow & Marsh Ltd, Collective Temperance Hospital, 110 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2LS.

0203 745 5023


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