Boka Food Cereal Bars #Review

Boka Food Cereal Bars Review: June 2017

Snacking without the guilt is what Boka Food is about. The owner wanted his children to have treats, but without all the extra nasties. Finding the correct Boka Balance, between nutrition and flavour, the Boka bars were born. Low in sugar, fat, saturates and salt makes them a firm fav for me.

Get ready to take a smooth journey, as uniquely Boka Bars operate a four green traffic lights system, so that you know exactly what is in each bar, so it is all go, go, go! The Boka four green traffic lights system means, that there is no need to worry about making sense of ambiguous food labels, as they are full transparent about what goes into their bars.

Hands up for the four fab flavours which included yummy Choco Mallow, amazing Apple & Cinnamon, lush Caramel and the sensational Strawberry that is made with real freeze-dried strawberries. Great for desk snacks, prior to hitting the gym for a workout or a simple sweet treat.

Green lights ahead, Boom Brilliant Boka Bars have arrived, click that link and get ordering online now!

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Melanie xx


Boka Food Limited, 15 Glenmore Business Park, Vincients Road, Bumpers Farm, Chippenham, Wilts SN14 6BB

0800 622 6136


24 thoughts on “Boka Food Cereal Bars #Review

  1. I tend to avoid cereal bars because they’re usually filled with added sugar and extra fats so why not have a muffin instead, but these have really good macros! I’m impressed! x

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  2. I have not heard of these before, my Daughter is very hard to feed at the moment due to her jaw condition and trying to get a good healthy diet in her is challenging. Can I just ask if these are hard or soft, as in does not take a lot of chewing as she needs to have soft foods

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    1. Ooo it would be hard to say, as not being medically trained, knowing her condition etc, I am think they are soft, but to your daughter they could be hard. My advice would be to sample them yourself first, then make a judgememt from there as to if they are suitable for your daughter πŸ™‚ x


  3. I’m not normally one for cereal bars because they always look and sound rather bland but these flavours sound yummy and I like that you can see inside the packaging

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