Freedom Japanese Market #Review

Freedom Japanese Market Review: June 2017

A family saw a gap in the market, when their friends who had moved away from Japan could not find the same high quality of Japanese snacks in their own country. During a family holiday in the U.S, they noticed that the international stores stocked snacks, but they were either dangerously close to their sell by dates or not even of Japanese origin. With this in mind, the family went away and set up family run Freedom Japanese Market, with a determined mission to deliver quality Japanese to the world.

The original subscription box landed on my door from Japan and was packed to the rafters with a balanced mix of sweet, savoury, and fun snacks, directly from Japanese manufacturers. The box had a cute handmade origami figure, with this month’s theme in honor of Girl’s day which is celebrated on 3rd of March in Japan. Also, each snack was explained in English on a full clear content list that also included images. The mix of products was fab from a DIY candy kit to savoury snacks and the more experimentally challenging okonomiyaki – fish jerky and Takoyaki Umaibo – puffed corn flavoured like octopus.

The subscription box service is a fab way to learn about Japanese culture and taste some interesting authentic Japanese snacks at the same time. All the snacks were fab, but my top 5 fav snacks included the baby star panmen – ramen chips flavoured with maple & Cinnamon, Roasted Corn Ariel – light and crispy chips tasting like they have come straight off the BBQ, Maken Gummy – A cola flavoured gummy that you can use to play rock, paper & scissors, NeruNeruNeruNe – add water to this and it creates a grape candy which you can decorate with crystalized sugar and finally the Big Bar Choco – which was a scrummy aerated chocolatey treat.

Snacks Japanese style, then the Freedom Japanese Market subscription service is ideal for your needs.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


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