Protein Ball Co and Oloves #Review

Protein Ball Co and Oloves Review: June 2017

Fancy something sweet or savoury well sister companies Protein Ball Co and Oloves, based in Worthing West Sussex, have the answer with their two sensational snacking solutions. Both brands were founded by Husband and Wife team Matt and Hayley, because they struggled to find healthy clean snacks while on the go. The protein balls now selling in 14 countries, Matt States that “It is our aim to roll out super nutritious and delicious, high protein balls in the most fun and energetic way!”.

A big box arrived at blogging HQ asking “How do you roll” …I could not wait to find out. Boom a brilliant box of balls in a range of innovative yummy flavour combinations, which included Cacao & Orange, Coconut & Macadamia, Cherry & Almond, Goji & Coconut, Lemon & Pistachio and Peanut Butter. Roll with us? I would love to roll with you, as these are ideal prior to my Health Club sessions, so see you around!

Oloves, currently being sold in 14 countries worldwide and impressively have won 5 awards, which include Fresh ideas, ife – London, Taste award, Anuga – Cologne, Trends and innovations, Sial – Paris, Mercury award, Itca – Barcelona and Appetizer, Antipasti category – NY. The four fab flavours are Chill & Oregano, Lemon & Rosemary, Chilli & Garlic and my fav their new Basil & Garlic – yummy! Ideal to throw on a salad, a mixed sharing board or snacking for on the go, at the office or while on the move in the city – loved them.

Ideal for grab and go these bags of balls and Oloves of love are now a firm fav of mine, give them a go and spread the love around.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx


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36 thoughts on “Protein Ball Co and Oloves #Review

  1. I have tried the Oloves before and it was my first time trying olives and I found out I didn’t like them. Have always wanted to try these protein balls though. Seen them a lot on twitter

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  2. These couldn’t be any cuter! Especially the packaging .. the little guys make me smile. Love that they’re far healthier than reaching for a chocolate bar when I need a little afternoon pick me up. Plus, I bet my grandchildren would love them too! x

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