Everdine Clean Eating #Review

Everdine Clean Eating Review: June 2017

With just a few clicks online, my Everdine vegetarian plan cooked and frozen meals were courier-delivered direct to my door. The packaging is recyclable and the sheep wool helped to keep the food insulated during the delivery process and all the meals came in quality robust packaging. Also, included was a welcome booklet with a full insert detailing my menu plan.

The fact that the meals are ready to simply stick straight into your freezer means that the natural goodness has been locked in. Everdines innovative chefs Matt and Viresh trained in Michelin-starred restaurants and create these wholesome nutritious convenient clean eating meals.

My mouth-watering menu choices included the Paneer & sweet potato kofte biryani, Speckled lentil chilli with Parisienne potatoes, Tofu & Shiitake mushroom with black bean sauce and the Parsnip & Paneer curry.

The final four meals included the Warm pea & Asparagus orzo salad, Black bean chilli burrito, Lentil & Quinoa moussaka and Mediterranean stuffed peppers which were all lip-smackingly tasty and made for delicious dinner options.

With free nationwide delivery, where you can pause or cancel your plan at any time, this is not your average wholesome meal brand. From the packaging to the exceptional food, quality is at the core of this brands ethos. Would you ever want to dine any other way, I know that I don’t…so why not give Everdine a try?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



4th Floor Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1BS.


+44 114 303 1613

42 thoughts on “Everdine Clean Eating #Review

  1. The food looks really great and plenty, which is always an advantage! It’s brilliant that the meals come frozen, so you only have to eat them up. Perfect for busy people.

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  2. When I first started to read, I wasn’t sure what to expect the food to look like. But actually, they look really good! Decent portion sizes too (always my main priority).

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  3. Subscription boxes look good but do they actually help long term after they finish? I have always been quite skeptical, but if it works for you (and they do look tasty) then that is great

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  4. What an amazing service. I have just been having a look on their website and it’s got some great dinner options. I’ll definitely be giving them a try when I move

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