Teapigs 3 feel-good teas #Review

Teapigs 3 feel-good teas review: June 2017

Teapigs founders, Nick and Louise, started the brand back in 2006 with a mission to get everyone drinking real tea again. Both have bags of experience, as they met while working for a massive tea company. The brand has grown from strength to strength with their teas collecting over 70 great taste awards – impressive stuff!

Teapigs mean business, producing quality real tea with real flavour that is 100% natural and tested against pesticides, as they use none of the nasties, just simple natural whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers. Also, the tea can diffuse correctly in the roomy biodegradable mesh bags, providing you with your very own tea temple of tastiness.

Teapigs HQ winged me over their fabulous feel-good teas for me to taste. There are three teas Detox, Energise and Sleep. The clean and green detox tea to help digestion, Energise, which is tea for energy for up beet vibes and finally Sleep the tea to help me sleep for snooze time. For me there is always time for tea and Teapigs have provided a tea for each part of your day, so Detox, Energise, Sleep and Repeat.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Melanie xx



+44 (0) 203 141 8495


30 thoughts on “Teapigs 3 feel-good teas #Review

  1. I have seen this brand mentioned lots recently with such positive comments. I really need to try myself and Im loving the sound of the Snooze tea x

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