Bill’s Liverpool New Daytime Menu #Review

Bill’s Liverpool New Daytime Menu Review: July 2017

Blogging don’t get better than a brilliant Bills bonanza – Boom! Lovely Liverpool’s launch of the New Daytime Menu meant a visit was due to see exactly what delicious delights they had to offer.  Our server was the fabulous friendly Francesca, who was bubbly, but understands the importance of the customer journey and aims to please without coming across as unauthentic or fake.

Sat in our cosy booth, we chilled to an eclectic mix of music that creates a relaxing, laid back atmosphere. Beginning with starters which included the mouth-watering mini Cumberland sausages glazed with honey and served with a lush grain mustard dip. The awesome Veggie Mezze included Spiced tortilla chips, grilled garlic mushrooms, crumbed halloumi sticks, olives, fresh Pico de Gallo salsa, tomato hummus, tzatziki and smoky tomatoes. Usually this would also include chickpea and parsley falafels, but alas they had run out, but on a plus it meant we just received more of everything else. All washed down with the most lush Just Peachy Bellini cocktail.

Marvellous mains were the Ricotta, red pepper and cheddar tart topped off with a mixture of smoky tomato, parsley and olives, served with a fresh mixed side of salad. The Fantastic Fish finger sandwich served on toasted bloomer with tartare sauce, rocket and a generous helping of fries. As if this was not enough, the mains were paired up with a refreshing Pimm’s Summer Punch which uses Bill’s very own Elderflower Presse.

Delicious and divine desserts included the perfect peach and raspberry crumble served with a salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Also, the wonderful warm cinnamon doughnuts served with sensational strawberries and salted caramel and chocolate dipping sauces. In dessert heaven and thinking things could not get any better, the arrival of the lip-smackingly super sensational skinny colada was the perfect end to the meal.

One word about the new menu – Nice…infact very nice! Bill’s has a transparent service style, that suits the laid back none fake approach, which allows the staff to inject their own personality which was clearly evident after speaking with Francesca and Jose. Bills caters for a broad market from family’s, couples, groups of friends infact anyone would love it here. For me the place is a home away from home and Bills Liverpool, “you know I love you, I’ll always be true, so please, love me do, whoa, love me do” and Bills Liverpool will definitely show you a ‘lorra lorra’ Love.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Bill’s Liverpool One, 10 Thomas Steers Way, L1 8LW.

01517 099 757



50 thoughts on “Bill’s Liverpool New Daytime Menu #Review

  1. we passed by this place a few days ago but sadly someone told us that their menu isn’t halal! But love the menu options though! The food looks delicious!

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  2. We love visiting Bills and our local restaurant is in Salisbury. Everything is geared up for a relaxed family environment too! And the interiors are quirky and plush. That Veggie Mezze board looks delicious 🙂

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  3. I’m so tired of mashed potato and mousse, as I have dental issues in progress. Sat here, feeling tired and I come across this fab write up of utterly delicious looking food! Just said to my husband, that is it, once my dental work is finished, we’re going to Liverpool. He did give me a funny look! Bill’s looks and sounds perfectly delicious.

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  4. I’ve never been to a Bill’s. I used to walk past the Manchester one every morning and was always jealous of those inside having breakfast. All the food looks lovely and I’m in Liverpool in September I might have to treat myself to a lunch for one as everything looks great x

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