Wrights Baking Club #Review

Wrights Baking Club Review: July 2017

George Reynolds Wright took the chair at Ponders End Mills, where Wrights produce their mixes, some 140 years ago. Impressively, During World War II, Wright’s continued productions seven days a week to help make up for the loss of mills bombed in the Blitz. Now, four generations on his great grandson David Wright has taken the reins of the family firm and using modern techniques is driving the baking firm forward.

Offering a wide variety of quality cake, bread and bake mixes to make producing home baked goods a simple process that offers good value for money. Why not sign up to their Home Baking Club for a money off coupon and a fabulous free recipe booklet from Deb the bread.

A brilliant baking box arrived at blogging HQ packed with exciting bake mixes including, Chocolate brownie mix, Scone mix, Toffee cookie mix, Chocolate fudge, Toffee and Ginger cake mixes and finally Mixed grain, Cheddar Cheese & onion, Oat & Linseed and Farmhouse bread mixes.

I decided to do dinner the β€˜wright’ way making a starter, main and dessert with Wrights wonderful mixes. A handful of olives, Camembert cheese and the Cheddar Cheese & onion bread mix was perfect for yummy bread dippers, making a sensational starter. The Oat & Linseed bread mix made a perfect pizza base, and topped off with tomato, cheese and pineapple, served with a handful of leaves made a lovely main. Finally, for a divine dessert, pack a cocktail glass with homemade ice cream, cream and pieces of the Chocolate brownies made from the mix, serve up with a sparkly surprise and enjoy.

Create a storm in the kitchen, but no need to get stressed, as Wrights bake mixes are ready to go, so go and get your bake on.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




G.R.Wright & Sons Ltd, Ponders End Mills, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 4TG.

Telephone: 020 8344 6900

Fax: 020 8804 0533

Orders: sales@wrightsflour.co.uk



35 thoughts on “Wrights Baking Club #Review

  1. This sounds like the perfect subscription for a baking fan. It’s great that it comes with a recipe book as well, that definitely helps. I wish I could be better at baking, I can only make cinnamon rolls.

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  2. Oooh I’m sure I’ve seen these mixtures in Waitrose and I tried the bread one. I have to have a look to see if I can get hold of the toffee mixture. xx

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