Goodio Chocolate #Review

Goodie Chocolate Review: July 2017

Inspired by Finland’s core values of well-being, transparency and sustainability, Jukka Peltola founded Goodio in 2015 with one core question, “What if there was a food brand you could trust?”. Avoiding any of the sugar laden nasties, Goodio instead uses both nutritious and organic ingredients, such as raw cacao, to create a range of innovative and unique flavour combinations. Goodio have created quality vegan chocolate bars, with ethical principles and have now expanded into three continents and 5 countries including; Finland, Sweden, UK, USA and Hong Kong.

Goodio is good stuff and so is Jukka’s core ethos, that is “There has to be greater transparency in where our food comes from, how it’s sourced, and how it’s treated,”. Goodio chocolate is minimally processed to retain as many nutrients as possible and the brand have traceability knowing where their ingredients are sourced, for example in their limited edition flavours, they use the Peruvian cacao Pure Nacional, one of the rarest cacao beans in the world and Congolese Mountains of the Moon cacao.

The silky, smooth chocolate is achieved by a three-day stone ground process and once the liquefying begins it is time to temper, pop into moulds and it is ready to go. Packed in easy to open biodegradable wrappers donned with the Goodio emblem and enclosed in envelope style sleeves each with their own distinct vibrant colourful pattern, which would in fact make a perfect end of dinner party favour for your guests to depart home with.

Now on to the exceptional chocolate, I received a box of brilliance at blogging HQ and certainly felt like a queen receiving the, ‘Royal Flush pack’ and the quality speaks for itself. The box included fabulous flavours of Arriba 71%, Chai 50%, Chilli 61%, mint 65%, Coffee 56%; and my top three favs included the Coconut 51%, Wild blueberry 61% and finally the Licorice & Sea Buckthorn at 53%.

Give gorgeous Goodio a go for lip-smackingly exceptional tasty chocolate made with heart and soul.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



28 thoughts on “Goodio Chocolate #Review

  1. I don’t think I’ve come across this in my local shops yet but I’ll look of for it. So many chocolate brands go for this, but simply remelt. It’s nice to see a brand that has a story.

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