Oatly Products #Review

Oatly Products Review: July 2017

Oatly operates from Sweden with Headquarters situated in Malmö and their Production & Development Center situated in Landskrona. Founded in the 1990s the brand is based on Swedish research from Lund University. Oatly, have patented enzyme technology, which turns fibre rich oats into nutritionaly rich liquid products. Oatly’s core ethos is about both human well-being and protecting the planet’s resources.

Oatly have seen continued growth and their products are now available to buy in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Oatly mean business and they are not cow’s milk, but a quality substitute made from oats. I got sent an ‘Oatsome’ array of Oatly goodies to try and taste test, that included; Oat drinks in chocolate, barista edition, oat and organic oat. Also, creamy oat, creamy oat fraiche and vanilla custard.

The fabulously fresh fraiche was lush and creamy. The fraiche whisked up with some fresh spring onion and a handful of herbs created the most lip-smacking tasty crudité platter dip. Delicious desserts can be made divine with lashings of Oatly’s vanilla custard…yummy!

The chocolate oat drink, when served up in a milk bottle style glass, made an ideal drink to serve up alongside an afternoon tea. The brilliant barista edition oat drink really is worth a whirl and paired well with both tea and coffee, enhancing the flavour naturally, taking the taste factor up to the next level.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




50 thoughts on “Oatly Products #Review

  1. Oooo this looks good. I will have to recommend this to my nanny family. My nanny child shouldn’t have dairy so this could be a good alternative. Plus mum may just want to know as she’s a nutritionist so she would find this interesting!

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