Hello Cheese #Review

Hello Cheese Review: September 2017

Great, gorgeous and gooey cheese, from a classic cheddar to a lovely Lancashire, what is not to like. Passionate about the cheesy stuff, Amanda set up the awesome Hello Cheese brand, so that other cheese lovers and fans can indulge in a variety of top quality cheeses that are delivered direct to your door every month.

A beautiful box of cheeses landed at blogging HQ and I could not wait to delve right in. The box included five generously sized cheese portions. Also included were pre-printed labels that displayed the name and origin of the cheese. A great addition was the August tasting notes script, that gave more detail about each cheese, which makes for a nice welcome board alongside some vino, if you have decided to invite guests around and share the cheesy love. I bought these fab woven favor bags, where I attached the included pre-printed cheese labels and included a copy of the tasting notes for my guests to take home, as a memento of the evening.

Included was three British Isle cheeses including, Kirkhamโ€™s Lancashire, Westcombe Cheddar and the Colston Bassett. All wrapped in simple yet attractive artisan wrapping. Considered a national treasure, the Kirkhamโ€™s Lancashire was rich, had a depth of flavour that worked well with chutney and the crunchy cracker. Winner of Best Cheddar at the 2017 British Cheese Awards and recently awarded the Best PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) the wonderful Westcombe Cheddar really packs a punch with notes of caramel, citrus and hazelnut. With only six remaining Stilton-producing dairies left in the world, the Colston Bassett Dairy cheese is a real gem.

Also included was some lovely circular cheesy creations including the French Munster Petit, produced in the Alsace region for over 1000 years, and the Goats Cheese Trickle, my personal fav, created just off the Glastonbury festival site, in Pylle Somerset, which tasted light smooth and was the perfect paring with Sauvignon Blanc.

Bring on the awesomeness and bring forward the cheeseboard. All five cheeses tasted terrific and were further enhanced with olives, grapes, chutney, oat biscuits and roasted peppers. Additionally, I used the Hello cheese cards and stickers to create these cheesy signs, so my guests could take note of their favs.

Give the gift of cheese to a friend, family member, loved one or why not just treat yourself. Have yourself an indulgent cheesy evening in andย if in doubt go with Amanda’s motto, “EAT THE CHEESE!!”.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

Melanie xx



38 thoughts on “Hello Cheese #Review

  1. There really is boxes for everything and everyone today and that is good. I’m quite stuck in my cheese ways lol but I have tried others to definitely eliminate types of cheese lol x

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