Kabuto Vegetarian Noodles #Review

Kabuto Vegetarian Noodles Review: September 2017

Kabuto noodles founder Crispin Busk travelled around Australia and Asia and started working within the food industry in his late twenties. Crispin’s venture into the entrepreneurial world has been a mixed journey. 15,000 noodles pots, no customers and with a pregnant wife, Crispin had to take matters into his own hands, by scouting London’s independent retailers to stock his products. From launching his products into Harvey Nicks and throughout several countries worldwide, Crispin continues to see growth and is excited about what the future holds.

It is super to see the brand support two great charities. The Empire fighting Chance, who provide boxing programmes for excluded or vulnerable young people in Bristol. Also, Cool Earth an environmental charity that help mitigate Kabuto’s carbon emissions. Kabuto donated just over £500 per month in 2015 – 2016 which allowed them to mitigate over 25,000 tons of carbon and protect 100 acres of forest.

Kabuto noodles are high quality, with no preservatives, additives, that appeals to the western palate. The brand recently launched their Gluten free Vegetable Tom Yum rice noodles. Inspiration taken from Thai recipes really gives these noodles an authentic Asian taste. Make a meal of it by serving the noodles in a bowl, with a side of super spring rolls.

The Malaysian inspired Vegetable Laksa, gluten free rice noodles, really packs a fresh punch. They are good to go and only require boiling water, so stick them in the back pack and take them on your wonderful warrior worldwide travelling adventures.

The mouth-watering Japanese style Miso Ramen wheat noodle dish was an adequate portion and tasted yummy. Whether you are climbing actual mountains or mountains of work these noodles are ideal to take with you on a trek or to fill those hunger pangs when sat at the office desk.

Become a wonderful warrior with these worldwide inspired noodles!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Melanie xx




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