Miracle Matcha Chocolate Tea Infusions and Altitude Tea #Review

Miracle Matcha Chocolate Tea Infusions and Altitude Tea Review: September 2017

Miracle Matcha is sourced from the rift Valley in Kenya, as the white tea leaves are grown high within the fertile valley. Miracle Matcha is healthy, convenient, has 100% pure natural ingredients that are suitable for vegans and has been approved by the vegetarian society. It is also Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that both the environment and the farmers are protected.

Sent a stash of Miracle Matcha’s chocolate Tea Infusions bars and their Altitude Special Kenyan White tea it was time to stop work and have a well-deserved tea break. The lovely 100g handmade chocolate slabs are made from the finest Belgium chocolate using cocoa and are available in 5 flavours; Milk Chocolate Rose tea, wild berry and zesty orange, white chocolate bergamot and dark chocolate Iced mint. Miracle Matcha have managed to mix both indulgence and healthy eating by producing bars that are packed full of antioxidants from their Miracle Matcha tea powder which includes Chia Seeds, goji berry powder and golden milled flax seeds.

The Rose Tea milk chocolate infusion bar created the most perfectly scrummy chocolate dipped raspberries, serve alongside a glass of fizz and treat a loved one to a well-deserved health conscious tasty treat.

Get wonderfully wild and create yourself a deliciously divine dessert with the wild berry tea milk chocolate infusion bar. Layer Granola, melted chocolate mousse mix and top off with crushed pieces of the chocolate bar and crushed fresh raspberries, serve up on a platter with fresh raspberries for a dinner party dessert that makes an entrance.

Refresh the palate with some very special chemical free Kenyan white tea which is grown at over 6,000 feet and is packed into a pyramid bag for maximum flavour and easy transportation from home to office. With low levels of caffeine and the same quantities of polyphenol’s and catechin’s as their white tea Matcha, reach up high and grab yourself a pack of this amazing Altitude tea.  Why not pair this up with some homemade cookies. Melt some of the zesty orange milk chocolate infusion bar and dunk your cookies in.

Find your ‘Match’a and get indulging healthily.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



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