The Gift of Oil #Review

The Gift of Oil Review: September 2017

Started in 2001 by Phil Bianchi, The Gift of Oil, was launched because Phil realised that balsamics and oils in the UK did not match up to the same standards as the offerings in the med.  Phil’s passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle emerged after working for an olive oil company based in Athens.  Phil visits Portugal, Modena and Sicily several times a year for tastings to discover new innovative infusions, working with the Di Lorenzo, Verrini and Tagliavini families who produce some authentic oils and balsamics. Hence, why The Gift of Oil brand can deliver quality artisan products at affordable prices.

Located in North Manchester, The Gift of Oil premises are a hive of activity, as all products are sampled, bottled, labelled and go through rigorous quality checks, by their dedicated team, to ensure only the best for their discerning food loving customers.

My Mouth-watering mozzarella and sugar drop tomato starter needed a splash of flavour innovation and the mint infused oil and Pomegranate & Fig Balsamic did not disappoint.  Three parts mint oil to one-part pomegranate & fig balsamic made lashings of loveliness and splashed all over the starter made for a fresh fabulous feast.  The marvellous mint oil is made from mint leaves fully immersed into estate crafted, extra virgin olive oil within hours of being picked.  Their top selling Pomegranate & Fig Balsamic is made by the Verrini family in Modena Italy exclusively for The Gift of Oil brand.

Pasta perfection was achieved with the lush Lime and Chilli infused olive oil, that contains no artificial flavourings or additives, and the gorgeous Garlic & Ginger Infused Balsamic.  Mix up three parts lime & chilli oil to one-part garlic & ginger balsamic to create a delightful drizzle of lime Zest zing and heat balanced with ginger, that made my pasta and corn cobs taste amazing.  Incredibly the lovely limes and chilli peppers come from the Di Lorenzo Family estate in Sicily and the Garlic and ginger infused balsamic is a Gift of Oil exclusive produced by the Verrini family in Modena.

Mix things up, get creative and innovative in your home kitchen with some amazingly authentic oils and balsamics.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Melanie xx


32 thoughts on “The Gift of Oil #Review

  1. I really love the sound of this company, what a great idea. So many times I have ruined a dish with rubbish oil, it’s so important when you want to cook something decent! I also love the sound of the Pomegranate and Fig Balsamic – sounds delicious!

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