Côte Manchester Vegetarian Menu #Review

Côte Manchester Vegetarian Menu Review: October 2017

Magnificent Manchester Côte Brasserie, located on St Mary’s Street, is a fabulous family friendly French brasserie with all the elegance and charm of a quaint, rustic and rural, French village eatery with a twist of contemporary and classy city chic. Think Brittany meets Gers with a hint of Paris.

Awaiting our arrival, the amazing Ashleigh seated us in a light filled booth space, with wonderful windows opening onto the city streets. A homely hearty hub, from which to watch the world go by and observe the city dwellers eclectic tastes and styles. Carlos, our server, whom I have previously met, had no need to polish up his waiter skills, as he provided super slick, stress-free and sensational service as usual – a real pro!

Refreshments arrived in the form of Pure orange mixed with a splash of Grey Goose Vodka, which is both distilled and bottled in France. Also, Meteor was a privilege to enjoy, as this is brewed by one of the last independent, family owned breweries in France. Paired up with Piquant Mixed Olives and the Provençale Pissaladière, a tasty traditional warm flatbread from Nice topped with black olives and goats cheese, made for nice nibbles as we perused through the vegetarian menu offerings.

Scrummy starters included the tasty Tomatoes Breton, a mix or heritage tomatoes with shallots, goats cheese, black olives and capers served on grilled sourdough bread.   The simple yet lush Charentais Melon was ideal for a fresh light bite.

Both myself and my dining companion have a true love and passion for cheese, so opted for the warm goats cheese salad with roasted vegetables and a black olive tapenade and the chargrilled field mushroom and mozzarella salad with avocado, baby spinach, shallots, baby gem lettuce, French beans with a handful of walnuts and a generous splash of mustard dressing.

Delicious, delightful desserts included the terrific Tarte Fine aux Pommes, which had the most crispy delicate puff pastry, layered apples with Ice cream. The Praline Crêpe with dollops of chocolate, sliced caramelised bananas and crème Chantilly was a super hit. Both washed down with a glass of Chablis 2015 Olivier tricon, which worked well with the crisp citrus notes and the mineral finish.

Côtes chic sensational style, service and seasonal French foodie offerings has created an epic eatery of excellence, that for me is way more than a one off French Love Affair, which holds a truly special place in my heart. Vive la France and the creative Côte Brasseries brilliant vegetarian menu!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Côte Brasserie, 4-12 St Mary’s Street, Manchester M3 2LB


0161 834 0945



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