Breakout Room Manchester High Street #Review

Breakout Room Manchester High Street Review: October 2017

Located in the quirky, eclectic northern quarter hub lies a quizzical challenge, that will get your blood pumping, heart racing and test your mind to the max.  Number 36 an eerie black door set the atmosphere and tone for a gaming adventure. The lovely Liv our game master provided an enthusiastic introduction and set the scene for the ‘Vacancy’ room we were about to enter.

We checked into Breakout High Street, and prepared ourselves for a stay like no other. Exhausted and energies low after a long journey, the Crimson Lake Motel provided shelter from the rain and some basic comfort for the night to recharge our batteries. How bad can it be right, just for one night? However, things soon take a worryingly frightful turn, as all doors are locked and there appears to be no immediate way of escape.

We had 60 minutes, to work in our team through a maze of mental mind challenges, clues, puzzles and locks, to escape or except our fate. Communications and clues are displayed through a TV and this game also has a mic where Liv could hear our every word – eek no pressure then! Just keep calm and carry on…This unique immersive, entertaining and electrifying experience has twists and turns around every corner.  No spoilers, but this is not a single room game – exciting stuff!

Close, oh so close…we nearly broke out! Welcome to the Crimson Lake Motel. You check in, but you NEVER check out…Check to see if they have any vacancies for a Manchester stay you will never forget.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



32 thoughts on “Breakout Room Manchester High Street #Review

  1. I’m yet to try Breakout but I went to Escape Room on the other side of the town centre and we failed miserably – so don’t feel bad about not escaping!

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  2. There’s one in Glasgow and I hear there’s a Harry Potter themed room which I would love. The problem is, I think I’d love it so much I wouldn’t want to break out, haha! I think it’s a great idea for celebrating a birthday or a work’s night out, something a bit different.

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  3. Congratulations on nearly making it. My boyfriend suggested that we do one of these breakout rooms, but I don’t think I would be any good at it!

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  4. Ooh! These are popping up everywhere now – I really want to go to one! 🙂 I was reading a news article the other day about two fugitives who hid from the police in a breakout room..such an ironic choice! Lol I’m glad you had a great time! xx

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