Thai Taste #Review

Thai Taste Review: October 2017

Passionate about Thailand’s food, people and culture, the brands founders worked with Thai chefs in Thailand, so that they could offer you a range of premium products delivered direct to your door, where you can create your own authentic Thai tastiness.  Another plus is that their products have no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and do not add MSG.

An awesome Thai Taste promise is that a percentage from every product sold is donated to the Duang Prateep foundation which supports Thailand’s vulnerable communities and poverty-stricken people. Founded and located in the slums of Bangkok, in 1978 by an ambitious slum dweller Prateep Hata, the Duang Prateep foundation meaning ‘Flame of Hope’, delivers education, happiness and hope to those in need.

A cool canvas Thai Taste tote bag arrived at blogging HQ, so it was time for Thai and Thai Taste has all you need to easily create an authentic two-course mouth-watering menu. The sensationally super sweet chilli dipping sauce, made with fresh red chillies, with crackers made for some yummy crunchy nibbles, while waiting to serve up the lush Lemon grass soup starter.

The Red Thai curry kit, made from scratch in Thailand, mixed with chicken/quorn, red peppers, onions and served up with the fabulous folded noodles was a taste explosion. Easy to make, served two generous portions and gave great results.

The gorgeous Green Thai curry kit, a classic Thai fav, was fresh, fabulous and the green chilli and lemon grass flavours infused the vegetables to create an amazing dinner time dish. Served up with the sticky rice, that originates from Northern Thailand, which was a winner.

True Thai cuisine balances and blends sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter. This Thai authenticity can be delivered direct to your door with passion and heart. Healthy easy to make foodie finds, its Thai Time, make home cooking tasty with Thai Taste.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


30 thoughts on “Thai Taste #Review

  1. I’ve only ever tried Thai once and it was a BBQ Pork from Thaikhum, but I love the sound of using the Thai Taste to create a curry. I think I would give the Red Curry a go!

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  2. Moving back to the UK for a while, it has been fun to discover all these new products. I love the sound of this company, and will definitely be looking out for their stuff. We love Thai Food! 🙂


  3. I really like Thai food in general, but love Thai green curry! It’s absolutely one of my favourite evening meals – this one looks delicious!

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