Cancer Care Parcel #Review

Cancer Care Parcel Review: November 2017

Cancer impacts many people during their life time, whether that be themselves, friends or loved ones. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013, Dr Shara Cohen used her own personal experience and understanding to create the Cancer Care Parcel brand to bring some much-needed calm and care in the lives of people suffering from cancer.

Dr Shara Cohen found a few friends felt awkward and avoided her, as they did not know what to say. What better way to show someone you are thinking of them, provide some much-needed comfort and support by gifting a Cancer Care Parcel with useful and practical gifts that will ease the stress of both a turbulent and uncertain time where cancer patients often have little time to digest the gravity of what is happening and with many appointments to attend have no time to simply just relax.

The team at Cancer Care Parcel all have experience with cancer, as a patient, survivor, friend or family member. Gift contents are not randomly chosen, a combination of Dr Shara’s personal experience and knowledge along with feedback from parcel receivers and their advisory board which consists of cancer patients and survivors make the parcels contents practical, relevant and relaxing.

The box I reviewed was the Cancer Comfort Gift Hamper: For adults at any stage of cancer. Make a cup of chocolate and ginger tea, light the soya bean candle, wrap up in the Teddy snug, plug in the ear phones and listen to the rainforest nature sounds relaxing CD for some much-needed calm and tranquillity. Soothe tired eyes and feet with the Eye gel mask, Lavender & geranium relaxing linseed eye pillows and the ribbed foot roller. Finally, focus your mind and enjoy a colouring book and pencils and some super fun catchable bubbles. Staying hydrated throughout with the easy fill water bottle.


Giving back is a major focus for Dr Shara, using profit to support the community by donating to cancer charities and helps with their awareness campaigns. Cancer Care parcel have a dedicated source of articles that provide insight and advice to benefit the Cancer community. Also, a Cancer resources list.  It was an honour to review the Cancer Care Parcel, such a worthwhile review to be involved in, and I hope many find them a great resource of help, information and advice.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx




43 thoughts on “Cancer Care Parcel #Review

  1. The best thing you can give a cancer patient is YOU. As in your time to sit with them in chemo,driving them to appointments,having a cup of tea,going for a walk or a shop. Personal interaction is the real gift,not a box dropped off.

    Speaking as one who has walked this journey.

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    1. Always good to hear input from someones personal experiences. Totally agree time is also important. However, some people may not be able to give all that time, as for example they may have duel caring responsibilities. Therefore, this would be a nice way to provide a gift, that is both beneficial and shows that they care x

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      1. Agreed,I wasn’t upset,its just I experienced how little contact my wife had with her friends and family considering she had cancer. I think people naturally pull away when they could should push forward.

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      2. That’s good to hear and great to know your personal perspective. That is sad to hear. I think some people feel awkward and are not sure what to say or do. The more Cancer is talked about, the more that will be understood and hopefully people will push forward and not away x


  2. Having known a few people with cancer I think this is a fab idea. It’s not easy to be there with them all the time especially if you have a young family but a gift like this can at least let them know you are thinking of them and there are some great products in there to help encourage relaxation.

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  3. This is an absolutely lovely idea. I’ve heard similar things from family members who feel a little deserted by their friends because no one wants to talk about cancer. Receiving something like this could do wonders for people suffering with the loneliness and depression that comes with cancer.

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  4. I’m so glad that Dr Cohen has found a way to make something positive from her experience and I really hope that people enjoy receiving these packages.

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  5. I think this is a great idea to let people with cancer know you’re thinking of them, even if you’re not in touch much. These sorts of little gifts mean the world to people, and it could really brighten their day! x


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